Sunday, June 17, 2012

Picture Black and White ~ 4

Have I already said I'm enjoying Picture Black and White with Big Picture Classes?   I don't guess I can say it too many times! It's true!!  In this class we have two days to take the photo for the prompt. Well, really you have all the time you want, but I try to keep up!  Here's my next set:

Cracked Open
Cracks in a surface can add interest to an image. Using black and white will show the darks and lights in the cracks. The very day we got this prompt, I dropped a glass measuring cup onto my glass pie plate. Glass went every where!  It was a little sad, I've had this pie plate since our wedding shower, 40 years ago! It did provide an object for this prompt cracked open. I thought it made a pretty good abstract photo!!

The rocks in the side of this mountain have big enough cracks that large cedar trees are growing out of them. This just amazes me, that there's enough soil to nourish them! They're not small trees either, they're about 10 to 12 ft tall.

Watered Down
This day we were to study liquid and look for textures. We've been in drought conditions here!  I've been watering my flowers and plants with my favorite watering can since May.

The next few prompts were not exactly my favorites. I don't ever feel creative when I have to look for words or phrases to photograph. I guess it's just not my thing!! So, just bear with me through the next few photos!!

Note To Self
Today, we were seeking messages that focused on something we needed to hear or  a reminder or a mantra. I found this little saying in McGuffey's Eclectic Primer Revised Edition which even though written years ago is still applicable today. (original copyright 1881 revised edition 1909) 

Good Fortune
To be honest, I've never eaten a fortune cookie and I don't read horoscopes or fortunes! So, I went looking for fortunes on the internet. This one does resonate with me, I love making memories with my family!

Well Said
This prompt was much easier, we were looking for words that have been written that speak to us. I may not have "sayings" around my house or read fortunes, but I do have books. It was fun looking through my stash for titles that spoke to me. I even posted three this day! This book was written by one of my favorite authors, Max Lucado. We all have fears or "giants" that we have to face in our life.

Wouldn't we all love to live simply!!

This one seems to be written just for me!  I enjoy each day! They're not all wonderful but I'm grateful for each one. I hope I can look back and say I've traveled this journey of life joyfully!

No Words Necessary
All messages don't have to have words, some are very easy to translate without them.

The day before this prompt my Mom gave me this letter that I had written to her forty-two yrs. ago. That would be 1970!! I was attending the National FBLA Convention in Philadelphia. Yes, that's me standing by the Liberty Bell when I was 17!! Note the bottom line of the stationery from The Benjamin Franklin Hotel "Air Conditioned Guest Rooms!!" Thank Goodness!! How long has it been since you've seen air conditioning advertised?

That wraps up another segment of Picture Black and White.
Hope you enjoyed!


  1. I admire you for sticking with the prompts, even when they aren't your "thing". You take it as a creative challenge to explore something new. So sorry about your pie plate - but I have to agree that the cracked results make for a wonderful abstract.

  2. Sad about your pie plate. I have a hard time with black and white photos, but you did a great job. I especially like "watered down"

  3. Lovely images. Sorry about your pie plate but it has made the most fabulous abstract photo. Great set.


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