Sunday, June 3, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ June 3

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Our prompts this week made me have to do some thinking. They were a little tougher and abstract. I'm glad we're free to interpret the prompts anyway we want, because I stretched a couple of these!!

The prompts were:

In the original photo this leaf really does SHINE. It is green with touches of red. I converted it to black and white, upped the contrast a little, and added a little HDRish. It doesn't look real, it looks silver-plated and boy does it SHINE now!

It always amazes me how FAST the sun sinks below the horizon. Do you see the little black dot in the sky on the left side?  That's a bat that was too FAST for me to capture clearly!


This one really challenged me. All I could think about was my left hand or turn left!  Then, I found this feather that was LEFT behind.

I visited the Little Rock National Cemetery this week. It was established in 1868. To know that I've lived here most of my life and have never been there is very sad!  I love how photography has led me to many new places! As I walked around I felt the PEACE in this quiet place. I also felt overwhelmed and grateful for the sacrifice that has been made for our freedom.

Next to the National Cemetery is the beautiful, historic Oakland Cemetery that was established in 1863. So many of the monuments and mausoleums were ornate with carvings. This monument, though simple and PLAIN,  was just as beautiful.

I'm posted two for PLAIN. I really like them both!  As I strolled around Oakland Cemetery, I realized how many Magnolia Trees there were. Most of them had already bloomed, but I did see this one bloom not yet opened. Fascinating isn't it that this PLAIN bloom creates such a gorgeous blossom!

Looking forward to this coming week's prompts.
Happy Hunting everyone!
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  1. I LOVE Oakland Cemetery...great photos!

  2. I just love left and shine! Gorgeous!

  3. Left is beautiful - love the detail in that feather.
    Your whole series ROCKS though - great job this week!

  4. Nice collection! Isn't it funny how some weeks the prompts seem so difficult, and then when I look at other's collections, I see how I was stuck in my own head? You did a great job, and I wish you a happy week.

  5. I too have found cemeteries peaceful places, and oft very beautiful. The rows and rows of alike tombs speak so loudly in their silence. You totally made the left shot work. Happy day Cathy.

  6. What a wonderful set - I love how you interpreted shine and left.

  7. You did a wonderful job with the prompts.
    Shine is wonderful and Left was my favorite of your set.

  8. Wonderful line-up this week, Cathy and it is amazing how many more places I travel to with camera in hand...opened up a whole new world.

  9. Shine is gorgeous! That leaf looks like it was cut out of foil. The cemetery is breathtaking.

  10. Great photos. Love the first two and peace. Beautiful.

  11. Very nice shots, especially love the first ones :)


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