Friday, June 22, 2012

Look Up, Look Down ~ round three

I'm still looking up and enjoying what I see!
As far as looking down, I always do that!

June 11
Somehow I managed to do this one backwards! I've been trying to do the Look Up first! Oh well, I don't guess it matters!
My neighbor brought me some fresh green beans from his garden. I froze some of them, but did make a batch for dinner. I must say they were delicious; not as tough as I thought they were going to be!!  Later that evening I stepped outside to this gorgeous sunset!

June 12
I spend the day with my youngest grandson while mommy and daddy worked.  I was working on a black and white assignment and had my camera set in that mode. I really like the way these turned out in the black and white!  He's really begun to ride his tricycle very well!

June 13
Today's photos could be called "the end and the beginning." This very large oak tree on our land has died. We aren't sure why!  There are several old trees within a mile of our place that have also died!  I wish it hadn't been the oak. I wouldn't have minded loosing a sweet gum tree!  When my sister and I visited the Little Rock visitor center this past fall they gave us seeds for the Hyacinth Bean Vine. It is covering their white picket fence with gorgeous flowers and purple bean pods. I finally planted my seeds. I had three and two have grown. As I write this, nine days later, the vines are about 16" long!  Very fast growing!! I can't wait to see if they bloom!

June 14
These lovely flowers belong to my mom. She has them planted in an old black pot!  They're so bright and cheerful!

June 15
Both ends of a tree!  The branches above and a root that is exposed! I love the heart shape.

June 16
Two views of my gazing ball. I was surprised at how different the color of the base was in the views. It's really in between these colors!

This has been a fun summer photo project! 
I'm a little behind posting them, but, I'll try to catch up!


  1. I really love this project, a great idea. I like the B&W of your grandson on his tricycle.

  2. So glad you did this again, it's so fun to read what you came up with. I love the b/w one of course but the tree and roots is a favorite also. These were all good examples of up and down, loved them.

  3. Still loving this project and the way it is inspiring your creativity, pushing you to try different things. And any project that challenges us in this way is a good one. Love that expression on your grandson's face - "what are you DOING, Grandma?"

  4. This is a fun series you are doing. Loved the Tree Shots and the Colorful flowers.

  5. LOVE LOVE your gazing ball. I found you thru the publication of "Artful Blogging" publication. I love that you blog about your grandchildren too.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos


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