Sunday, June 3, 2012

Macro Monday ~ June 4

There is such a beautiful little world out there!! We're often too busy to just stop and look around. I think that is why I love macro photography so much. For those of you who are not photographers, macro photography is close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subjects in the photograph is greater than life size. I'm intrigued by the unusual little details of nature; the colors and the shapes that show up in close-up photography. For instance, have you ever seen moss up really close? Probably not. This is the first time I've seen all those little protrusions that are growing from the moss on this rock.

I also spotted these protrusions growing from the leaves of a tree. I would love to know what kind of tree it is if anyone knows!

Go outside this week;
look up,
look down,
look all around very slowly,
and see what you can discover!!



  1. Great macros here, Cathy, and good advice! The moss on the rock is so colorful!

  2. What a wonderful world that we miss if we don't do macro shots.

  3. Interesting photos. Yes, the macro-world is fascinating.


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