Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ~ June 24

I missed last week's hunt! It was my fault. I was overwhelmed, not creative, and just plain lazy! I regret now that I didn't take the time and effort to hunt and post. I felt like I'd missed out on the party when I visited other's blogs. Let me say at this point, that I'm always amazed at the creativeness of everyone and their take on the prompts!  I'm always saying "why didn't I think of that??"

On to today's prompts:
concentric circles

This one came to me immediately when I read the prompt! As I leave my driveway my neighbor's bluebird box with it's warped post is right in front of me.  I wonder if the babies lean in their nest!

Concentric Circles
This one was found by surprise. Friday night Mr. H and I went to see a group of hot air balloons. They were here for a balloon race and spent some time letting us look at their balloons and putting on a balloon burn, which is simply beautiful with all their balloons glowing in the dark! As I was taking pictures, I noticed the concentric circles on the top of this balloon as they were raising it up!

Several years ago Mr. H went to an auction at a pawn shop and brought home a Howard Miller clock for me!  It's a wind-up clock and you can take the back off and see where one gear turns another gear. I thought he was pretty special to bid on this for me!

OK, so this prompt made me eat a breakfast full of calories! A toaster strudel that I glazed with white icing! I stay away from them as much as I can, but, every once in a while I succumb to my need for sugar!

I went with the obvious here...marble!  Mostly, because I have this thing about taking pictures of marbles!!  I just love it!  I love their sparkle and their reflections! Marbles bring back childhood memories of shooting marbles in the sand, Chinese checkers and playing Wahoo! 

That's it for another week!
Hope you stay cool this week,
we're expecting temps near 100 tomorrow!!


  1. Outstanding group - love the gears, the balloon and perfect shot of the reflective marble.

  2. Very cool circles!!! And gear. Great set this week.

  3. Oooh I love that marble shot. Guessing that neighbor's birdhouse bugs you a bit-if you thought of it right away. Glad you didn't miss out this week-I know what you mean. This is like a ritual to me. Happy week Cathy.

  4. These are great! Love the hot air balloon for circles!

  5. Great shots this week.. Love that marble..

  6. Great shots, love the balloon and the gear! x

  7. Delightful set.
    My Top 2 Picks:
    Warped - Oh my I chuckled about the babies leaning inside the nest!
    Concentric Circles - Perfect for the prompt and very colorful.
    Runner-Up, Marble, With all the different shots of marbles this week each one seems to be so different from the next.

  8. Wow, these are GREAT photos! I love the simplicity of the marble, the gears are impressive, and that hot air balloon was sure a "happy accident," but there's a special quality in the bird house picture that I just love.
    (And I did the same as you last week, and felt exactly the same!)

  9. These are great! That icing looks awfully tasty.

  10. great photos! i particularly loved the marble and the reflection. and i so appreciate your honesty about feeling overwhelmed and not creative. so nice to know that i'm not the only one who feels like that from time to time.

  11. Thanks for your ideas and great pictures. Circles is a wonderful shot as is each other pictures. Thanks

  12. Such wonderful photos (: I've seen several other blogs participating in the hunt and it's so neat to see the individual interpretations. So fun!

    I just found your blog and became a new follower (: Can't wait to come back for more posts...Hope you have a lovely week!!


  13. Concentric Circles caught my eye immediately. enJOYed your choices and your photos.

  14. Cathy - another great set. And I suppose you can be forgiven for skipping last week :) Love that warped bird house - it does make one wonder what it is like in the nest. Gorgeous reflections in the marble.

  15. what a great set of images!! we rode in a hot air balloon, best day of my life! your marble is awesome, i adore the reflection in it!! my marble was shameful!!

  16. These are great! I love the balloon!

  17. What great images for the prompts! Very creative, Cathy! I'm starting to feel like I am missing out on some fun.

  18. I love the balloon! That is so cool, I've always wanted to see a hot air balloon in person (but I don't know if I'd want to go up in one, I get a little scared of heights!)

  19. I love your marble, so perfectly focused, with that double window reflection! Great set, Cathy.


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