Monday, June 18, 2012

Macro Monday ~ June 18, 2012

Summer Fruit

 When I see and smell these luscious fruits of summer my mind automatically goes to homemade strawberry ice cream and blackberry cobbler. Some of my best summer memories are from  the family reunions on the Fourth of July at my aunt and uncle's home!

They had an old, wooden, hand crank ice cream maker. I can remember my cousins and I turning the crank anxiously waiting for the ice cream to make. Then the rapture of eating that first bite!!  Summer is just not complete with out homemade ice cream! I think I'll make some when my grandsons come to visit next month!  My ice cream maker is electric and sometimes I really miss the feel of turning that crank!

Blackberries bring more childhood memories!  While we were at my aunt's and uncle's home my grandfather would take us for a bumpy ride through the pastures in a wagon pulled behind a tractor. He'd pull us up right beside the blackberry bushes. We'd reach out, pick berries, and eat them straight off the vine!  Then, we'd collect some and take home with us.  Later we'd be treated with the most delicious blackberry cobbler!

That's me sitting on the tractor.  And, no we weren't allowed to drive the tractor, but we could pose for Uncle Harry!  In the trailer is my sister and our cousin is in front of her. Don't you just love our straw hats!!  We look just like farm girls!!

Years later, our children rode in the wagon. The beautiful girl waving at her momma is my daughter and the precious baby sleeping on my SIL's shoulder is my son. Sitting beside her making sure she's taking care of his son, is my husband.  Special moments captured of special family traditions!

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  1. Wonderful Story! I absolutely love the connections that the photos make. So glad you have them to share with us.
    I've planted some raspberries and blackberries and look forward to making memories like your.

  2. I like your story and the old photos. Blackberry tastes fantastic and you show us a great photo of them.

  3. Wonderful blackberry macro, and wonderful memories!
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  4. I have never seen the photo of you on the tractor! The boys will love it! I have great memories of the 4th of July family reunion too! Remember when we thought Papa C was going to tump the tractor and wagon into the creek? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love your macro shot and your trip down memory lane. Lovely old photos and lovely to hear your story.

  6. Oh, I LOVE blackberry cobbler! And hand-cranked ice-cream. Our church had summer socials - waiting for the hand-cranking to be done was complete torture but SO worth the wait.

  7. Gorgeous fruitscantier and it maked me think of blackberry and apple pie!
    How lovely to see Those old shots. That first one of you on the tractor is great! What happy memories to look back on!

  8. Sorry Cathy, I'm writing from a fiddly iPad and sometimes weird looking words come out because I am not pressing the screen evenly! You can take that second word above a simply meaning "fruit"!

  9. oh cathy! now this is my kinda macro. :) love berries and all the nostalgia they evoke. :)


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