Sunday, December 11, 2011

Picture The Holidays - Day 10 and 11; Mortal Muses Musing

Day 10 - Twinkle, Twinkle
We were to capture something that twinkled.
I love how the Christmas lights twinkle in this hand-blown glass ornament.

Day 11 - Shaping Up
Pay attention today, in your comings and goings to the shape of things. See if what you find reminds you of anything else.
I spent part of the day outside looking for something in nature that reminded me of something else. I really wanted to find something that reminded me of Christmas. This unusual growth is on the side of a dead stump. It instantly reminded me of a Christmas tree. I did add the snow effect to made it look more like a snow covered tree.

I also wanted to post my link to the Many Muses Musings prompt together.
Each year I hang these two angels together on my Christmas tree. They remind me of a mother and a child playing their little musical instruments. They are from my childhood and over 50 years old.

Many Muses Musing


  1. What sweet ornaments! They are the perfect set. Thanks for sharing this in Many Muses Musing today!

  2. Love your twinkle, twinkle shot, gorgous. Your little angels are beautiful, love them.

  3. Cathy - Wow! you had a great eye to see the "Christmas Tree" in the stump - great capture!

  4. Love what you are doing here, I know that I had those little pink angles when I was a little girl. I am sure they are in a box somewhere in my mothers home, wonder if I will ever see them again?

    I instantly saw the tree that wasn't a tree, wonderful job, this is so much fun watching your photos this season.

  5. These are all gorgeous and festive and bright. I love the photos you took for each day's theme. Those are sweet angels to have had all these years. My mom has given me some of hers from her first Christmas and they are precious to me.


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