Friday, December 9, 2011

Picture The Holidays - Days 8 and 9

Day 8 - Reflecting The Season

Today's was a fun shot, shooting into a reflective surface. You never know what image will appear.
You can find so many things in a reflection. I piled up some vintage balls to see what I could find. There I am in pink and if you look closely, I'm also in the red ball. My Christmas  tree is in yellow. My small snowman Christmas tree is in green.

Day 9 - It's A Sign
Every day we are surrounded by messages, either in literal signs, notes, or words. We were to seek out a sign; an affirmation, answer  or reminder of the season.
And this shall be a sign unto you;
Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,
lying in a manger"
Luke 2:12

I need this reminder as I get caught up in the decorating, gift buying, baking, and busyness of the holidays.

I hope you're enjoying this season!!


  1. Cathy - love the Christmas ornament reflections. I like the lace reflected in the blue sphere.

  2. Those are gorgeous christmas balls. I always laugh when I take a picture and then find my own reflection in it, camera in hand.

  3. Those ornaments are so lovely. And the second photo is my do such a nice job with macro shots. Love the words you shared here, too.

  4. I love the picture of you in the ornament, how fun you are having everyday getting these pictures. Really wish I had taken time to do this for my album.


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