Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Picture The Holidays - Day 7

Our prompt today was to Express Yourself.

To take a few moments
to allow our selves to
and just feel.

Then we were to find a way to portray that in a photo. This is very hard for me! I do better with specifics than feelings!! I have a hard time expressing myself in words. it was very hard to think of a way to express myself in a photo.

As I thought about the prompt today, my eyes kept drifting to this little word "believe." I feel very strongly that I want to enjoy the holidays this year and not get caught up in the stress.

I truly believe that a simple holiday is a joyful holiday!!

On last night's post I mentioned that it was snowing. We were only supposed to get a dusting of snow, at least that's what the weatherman said. When I got up very early to peek outside, I was surprised. It was a white winter wonderland. There wasn't  a lot left on the ground since it was so wet from two precious days of ran, but I measured 1 3/4"  on our car!   That is very rare for us, especially this early in December!  You can guess what I did. I quickly dressed, grabbed my coat, my camera, and went outside. It was cold, so cold, 27 degrees, and I didn't have my gloves. They were in our bedroom and I didn't want to wake Mr. H. he's been working very hard lately!  I'm glad I didn't wait until later in the morning, because as soon as the sun came out, the snow began to quickly melt.  I did manage to get a few shots.
The snow on my camellia bush was so pretty.
I wanted to take the same bloom that I posted last night, but it actually didn't have any snow on it, just on the leaves surrounding it. I liked this better with the snow on the bud.

My birdbath was frozen in the center and rimmed with snow.
I didn't see any birds interested in a bath today!!

A bright combination of seasons, fall and winter.
My Bradford Pear has still not lost all of it's leaves.  The top is completely bare, but the bottom leaves are still hanging on. And now the branches are lined with snow.

The opposite direction of the Bradford Pear is our ceders.
Now this looks more like winter!!

I love little curlicues.  It is so fascinating that this little curl is holding up so much snow!!  This tendril is on my wisteria bush.
Guess what, I bought myself (well, really they're from Mr H) a Christmas present today! I even put them under the tree!! 
New winter boots!! Last year, I didn't have any boots that were waterproof for tramping around in the woods in the snow. I had to wear Mr. H's combat boots. Yep, that's what I said, this Gramma wore combat boots. Thanks goodness he doesn't have huge feet. As it was, I had to wear three pairs of heavy socks so they would fit. I've never needed snow boots! We get so little snow and I didn't have a reason to be out much in the wet and cold until I began seriously taking pictures! I just wish I'd had them this morning!
Sorry, I just kept rambling tonight!!  It's been a fun day, there was snow and we went Christmas shopping and I'm still a little keyed up!!  But, I think I'd better to head to bed!
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  1. Cathy,
    Loved your snow boots story! We haven't had snow yet here but it was very cold on my photo walk this morning - especially on my shutter finger. I had to buy a pair of finger-less gloves (with a mitten flap) to use on my winter photo jaunts.Isn't it amazing what we will do for our art?

    And I love your curlicue photo - holding up all that snow!

  2. I LOVE you snow pictures, they really put me in the holiday spirit. Really gorgeous shots.

  3. What fun to take photos in the new snow! The cedars image could be on a holiday card. Happy weekend!

  4. Beautiful winter pics! What a nice yard you have... I look forward to more winter pics as it gets colder!

  5. I love the word BELIEVE you have pictures, how cute it is. That is my word for this month too, just slow down and enjoy the season. This will be my word for 2012 too.

    I LOOOOOVVVEEE your snow pictures, the one with the leaves is my favorite. We have no leaves yet, would love to see this in my yard everyday. How gorgeous all these came out. It's always exciting to have that first snow and how pretty it makes everything.
    So glad I came by tonight to see all your photos, sorry it's been so long. Need to check this everyday from now on, dont' want to miss all the fun.


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