Sunday, December 4, 2011

Picture The Holidays - Day 4

You Hold The Key
When the holidays get hectic we need to think of something that will help us slow down, take a deep breath and enjoy the season.

 When I'm feeling stressed, anxious, or just have a case of the blues, I turn on my IPod or play the piano. I love Christmas music, but the beautiful hymns of Christmas sooth me, bring me peace and give me joy.

The prompt from Capture your 365  is glitter.

I've already used one of my vintage ornaments for a prompt, but when I saw the word glitter, I knew I wanted to photography them again.  I don't normally like glitter; it can be an annoyance!  But, at Christmas, you need a little glitter to make the ornaments sparkle!

Capture Your 365


  1. Guess what? I am learning to over come the glitter hangup. I went the a florist class and learned that glitter is a big part of christmas. You want believe this but I bought things that had glitter on them.
    Love your pearls and music. I tell everyone that will stand an listen about your blog and how great you are doing. I try not to be envious of your time to blog and take pictures. I retire in five years so I am counting the day until I can sign up for classes and maybe I will find friends like you have that follow your blog. Keep it up. I love looking at the pictures.

  2. I'm loving some Christmas carols at the moment too- have been listening to some Elvis Presley & Nat KIng Cole, as well as some jazz carols from Diana Krall & James Morrison.

  3. what a great fresh up for your blog, also a little glitter, looks great, your ornaments are bautifull.

  4. I absolutely agree, singing Christmas carols (or humming them in your head) is always a spirit lifter. Just LOVE your ornament shot!

  5. I've never cared much for secular Christmas music (probably burned out by hearing it in every store from Halloween on), but I love traditional carols. And I love "big" Christmas music, too - Handel, Bach, etc. - that "high church" stuff really makes my spirit soar. Both of your photos are lovely. I used to have several old ornaments like those, but since I no longer put up a big tree, I have passed them on to my son.

  6. I love your glitter photo! Music always cheers me up too.

  7. Love your composition on the first shot. I am a big glitter fan - my five year old is an even bigger fan - if in doubt, we usually get the glitter out! Love your ornaments shot and how the light is catching them.


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