Saturday, December 17, 2011

Picture The Holidays - Days 16 and 17

We've reached the halfway point in December. It's so hard to believe; the time is just flying. I am so enjoying Picture The Holidays and their wonderful daily prompts. It has made this holiday season special as I spent time each day...just me and my camera. It's just great!!

Day 16 - The Season Of Lights

I got to practice shooting lights again!!  There are all kinds of Christmas lights, but I keep returning to my Christmas tree. I really enjoy the many colors of the lights and the fact that they make pretty bokeh! This tall, lanky Santa is one of my favorites from Boyd's Bear. I love that he's carrying his own little light with the tree lights behind him.

Day 17 - Warm Glow

There's something so soft and magical about a candle's glow. It brings peace and a moment of quietness.

I hope your holidays are warm and glowing!!


  1. Cathy - I have so enjoyed following along with your "Picture the Holidays" prompts - seeing your tree and decorations and lights. I am sending you right back - warm and glowing wishes! Aren't we lucky to have the gift of photography?

  2. I agree you tree light photos are just wonderful, but looks like your branching out to candle light is working out really well too. Nice shots, both of them.

  3. It's fun to see all your fun images for the holiday prompts. I love the first shot -- great capture! Have a joyful holiday!


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