Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Picture The Holidays - Day 5 and 6

Picture The Holidays: Day 5 - The View From Here
I wanted to take a picture of my Camellia bush that is blooming. It's right beside the porch and is the view I see every time I go out the door. But, yesterday it was pouring rain, so I waited until this morning. I probably should have waiting another day and you could have seen snow on it!  That's right, the first snow of year is falling as I write!!  It won't stick; the ground is saturated, but maybe I'll be able to find a little bit to take a picture of in the morning. That is, if it doesn't turn back to rain tonight!!

Day 6 - Every Little Thing

Our prompt was to find a small thing that brought us delight. I was setting out my snowmen collection when I saw this sweet little redbird.  It just took an itty bitty bird to bring a little joy today!!

Keep you eyes open for the small things in life as we continue through this holiday season!!


  1. Ahh, the first snow! Looking forward to seeing your photos (as opposed to taking one of my own - we are still waiting for our first white flakes).

    I love your sweet little redbird - what a great macro shot.

  2. Gorgeous every little thing shot, really love it. :)

  3. I just love the little bird, and your focus is amazing. I would love to see a shot of the same camellia covered in a dusting of snow - good luck.


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