Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Welcome August

Welcome to August! I do not say that with my usual enthusiasm for the changing of the months! I do not like summer and August is usually the hottest month for us!! Not only have temperatures in my state been over 100 for 11 days, but the hottest week is yet to come...this week!! On top of that, add high, very high, humidity!! Our heat index will top at about 110 - 113 degrees. That being said, I'll get on with the decorations for August.

If you should venture outside you will see my garden flag.
It's looks a little droopy out there in the heat!!

It's so hot, the bees are not even out!! 
Maybe their inside their "HIVE"!! 
 I'm serious, the only bugs I've seen are dragonflies!! 

This quilt door hanging is totally appropriate for August!! Fans!

Maybe just looking at them will cool me off!

 If that doesn't work, I'll gaze at my water globes
and dream of being on the beach

and eating some ice cold watermelon!!

Enjoy your August!!
I'll be trying to stay cool!!
You do the same!!

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