Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Good Photo Week

My Favorite Photo Of The Week

Nature always amazes me!!  I wonder how does this curlicue of an ordinary sticker bush grow in a coil even though it's not growing around anything. Fascinating!  Only two curlicues on this bush were this unusual color. You can a see if you look closely the water drops inside the curl. We've been blessed this week with rain!! I like that it's not a perfect coil and that's it's a different color than the others! Reminds me of myself. I'm not perfect but I just keep on growing, reaching out to embrace life the best I can. I also like that it's different in color. Going with the crowd is just not me. In fact, I usually balk at being like others.  I'm chuckling here!  I can still remember my Mother saying "You don't have to be like everyone else!"  I think that lesson must have suck!!  I just like being me!

Prompt Addicts - dream a little dream

We purposely took a photo out of focus to make it dreamy.  Honestly, this was hard.  Since I'm just learning manual mode on my camera, I take a lot of pictures out of focus, but I wanted a beautiful out of focus shot!!! I took a bunch before I got one that I really liked.  It's a picture of my Mother's crepe myrtle bush. I'm seeing a little theme here...look how the berry I unfocused on is a different color than the others. Hmmm!!

The Simple Things
A wild flower growing on the edge of our property. Simple in beauty and simple in color. I'm just learning to use my macro lens and so far I'm not getting the sharpness I want.  But, I'll keep on trying!!

 Picture Inspiration #1  -  well balanced
symmetry in nature
 Hen and chicks
This one is sharper.  I set the timer so the action of my pressing the button didn' move the camera. Maybe this will work for me.

Picture Inspiration #2 - well balanced
symmetry in nature
The pine cone is balanced (or really stuck) on barb wire. The shape of it is very symmetric. I received a comment on this image that I want to pass along. Angie said "I like it, even if you think it's just stuck. Maybe that's a commentary for our lives, too? Even if we think we might be stuck, we might just be hanging on the balance waiting for the right thing to tip us one way or another?" I love this!! After I read her comment it made me do some thinking. I love taking photos, I love sharing them, but there is more than just the photo. There's something deeper! The reason that shot appeals to me...the reason I keep returning to me favorites. Those are photos that are taken from the heart. Not, just snapped and forgotten. Angie sees things in her photos and ours. When she posts them she includes such wonderful thoughts or quotes. I can tell she spends time with her photos studying them. She has inspired me to look, really look at the shots I take. To think about why that photo appeals to me so much. I had already written this post when I read her comment. I came back here, looked at the photos I'd posted and added a little of my feelings. I'm not good at this, but I'll be doing it more often. Thank you, Angie!!

Do your remember this photo from a few weeks ago. I finally found out what they are, Seedbox (Ludwigia alternifolia). Seedbox fruits are small capsules. They usually have a box-shaped top, thus the name "Seedbox". The seeds fall out of the little hole in the top when the wind blows or when the plant is shaken by an animal. They are a wildflower from the "family" evening primrose and are also known as rattlebox. That's just the coolest thing!! God gave us creation for our enjoyment. He could have just created a simple seed that just fell to the ground. But he didn't, he gave us this gorgeous little box to enjoy. One thing I'm learning though, to enjoy you have to spend some time searching nature!!

It's been a good photo week!!
So thankful I have discovered photography and through the lens of my camera discovered the beauties of nature.


  1. Love the first photo -- great close-up & I enjoyed your commentary on the eccentricities of nature!! Now if my hair only grew like that!!! Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. Cathy, you're a genius!!!

  3. The writing with your photographs is fantastic. I esp love the first photo and I so identify with the comment about not being perfect but growing, and even though that curlicue is not perfect, it is beautiful.

  4. Beautiful! very fun to look at your photos. Great job.

  5. Loved this post! Your writing and photography is so impressive! Glad you found out what the fairy box really was!


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