Monday, August 15, 2011

Reflections In Water Drops

I believe I've mention before that I love taking pictures of water droplets.  The problem lately has rain!  I've tried a mist bottle, but it's just  not the same.  But, this week, it rained!!  I couldn't wait to get out and  see what beautiful drops I could find!  These photos also fit the photo prompt for 52 Photos Project  which is "reflection."
 Remember you have to think upside down.  The drop on the right shows leaves, the curve of the bush, and behind the bush you can see a glimpse of  my house.

I love the way water drops cling to cedar trees!!

It's fascinating how long a little drop can cling to a plant leaf!! And there's a few webs clinging, also. If  you look closely you can see our shed and a electric pole.

 This is the same succlant plant, just a different drop that reflects a larger scene.

This last one is my favorite!! To me, it's the light that makes the shot...light on the cedar branch, the spider web, and the reflection of the sun creating a flare on the water drop!!

It's amazing that there is so much beauty in the smallest water drops, beauty that our eyes cannot see without the help of a camera.  These photos explain the fascination I have with photography!!!  Seeing the beauty and detail in a simple and ordinary thing, a water drop! The beauty is there, we just have to focus and look closer!!


  1. These are spectacular, the last is my favorite too, the spiderweb, the light, hope you are planning on printing that one, don't let it just languish in your computer.

  2. These are beautiful! I love that last one too with the burst of light.

  3. beautiful capture of water droplets!


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