Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Queen Wilhelmina Rod Run 2011

Mr. H. and I own a street rod, a 1940 Ford pickup. When time allows, we travel to street rod shows. We traveled this weekend to Mena, Arkansas the location for the annual Queen Wilhelmina Rod Run. Let me explain a little about why they're called street rods. According to the National Street Rod Association,  "A street rod is the most practical type of old car. By definition a street rod is: An automobile of 1948 or earlier manufacture which has undergone some type of modernization, to include any of the following; engine, transmission, interior refinements, and any other modifications the builder desires. A street rod is to be driven to events under its own power and is to be used as a safe, non-racing vehicle for total family enjoyment." We enjoy the comforts of power steering, power brakes, and most definitely air conditioning!!  You can restore an antique car to it's original state, but it isn't practical if you want to drive it.  For one thing, the motors and transmission aren't made for the faster pace we travel on our highways. Another problem, in you have a breakdown you can't visit the local parts store for new parts.  Most parts have to be ordered and take weeks even months to receive!  So, if you have a car and want to drive it, you modify it. Now that you have more information than you want, we'll get on to the pictures!!

At Mena, the festivities begin on Friday night in the downtown area. They block off streets around the train station for the street rods to park. There's always a great crowd of people who come to see the vehicles. I love listening to their comments and stories. Many times we've heard "my grandad had a truck like this" or "I learned to drive in and old truck like this". 

This is my favorite truck a 1931 Ford Pickup. I love to hear it run. It's like a soft putt-putt. Reminds me of the truck in The Fox And The Hound, only this one has a prettier paint job!

On Saturday morning, we headed up the mountain to Queen Wilhelmina State Park for the actual street rod show. Love this drive, it's beautiful with curves and trees and gorgeous views!! I'm glad I don't have to drive I can just enjoy the ride!! 
There were around 200 cars, every make, model and color you can imagine! We always take a lot of pictures of the trucks. This is a 1935 or 1936 Ford. We thought about painting our truck yellow. I'm glad we didn't, but I really like this one in yellow!!

This late 40's Chevrolet has the most beautiful paint job.  It's such a pretty shade of blue, which is my favorite color!! Look at this reflection of the yellow truck!!  Pretty amazing!!

This is our spot for the day. We have awnings that we set up to keep the sun off us, plenty of water and snacks. We never forget the snacks. We walk around looking at all the cars and then we just sit and visit. Later in the evening we're treated to a fried fish dinner with all the trimmings.  It doesn't get much better than that...beautiful scenery, great friends and tasty fried fish!!

This was one beautiful car, a 1937 Cadillac.  Look at the clear reflection of other cars in the back fender.  I think it looks like a mobster car.  Can't you just see men in dark suits riding on the running boards with machine guns in their hands.

This photo is for all my Arkansas friends and relatives. The University of Arkansas mascot is a Razorback. This guy most really love the "hogs!!"

Not only beautiful cars, but beautiful skies.  The weather was pretty hot! It was 108 one day with humidity!  But, you know, you don't seem as miserable when you're having fun.

On Saturday night, we all gather on Main Street. We got downtown early so we could find us a good spot with some wind blowing!
The street fills up with cars and the people begin to arrive. I love those mountains in the background! There's a live band playing and a street dance. Although, the only people who ever dance are the kids.  They are so fun to watch!  I am not a crowd person, but this doesn't seem to bother me!  Strange!! Another strange thing, among all these people we never once saw a policeman!  This is a great, friendly town!
We stopped at couple of the overlooks. Pictures can't even begin to show the beauty of the Ouachita Mountains.

For some reason this truck just keeps driving right into my pictures and  I can't resist it!

This shot is for my grandsons, who are obsessed with trains!  I know they'd love to climb up in the cab of this one at the State Park.

We have some really great friends that we travel with. 
Robert and Cleva own the first car, a 1933 Chevrolet five-window
Charlie and Earlanna own the middle car, a 1931 Ford slant-window
(their car is named Miss Betty after my Mom who was born in 1931)
And then, once again, our truck, a 1940 Ford.
We also traveled with another couple who don't own a street rod but came along for the fun, Ray and Neva

On Sunday we head down the mountain on our way home. We're hot, sun burned, tired, and a few pounds heavier, but happy to have spent time with friends. There was a lot of laughing and story telling going on!  These days will never be forgotten!!

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