Monday, August 8, 2011

All Aboard For a Fun, Fun Time

The grandsons have been visiting one last time before school starts. School just seems to keep starting earlier and earlier. The twins (Drew and Josh) will start PreK today and Jake the 3rd grader will start next Wednesday. Unbelievable!  Anyway, they came down for several days.  We were struggling to find things for them to do indoors!  Our heat index has been up to about 120!  One thing that makes everyone happy is to go out to eat! We tried a new restaurant called "All Aboard ."  We had a great time...the food was good, the service fast, and the prices were reasonable!!  It's a pretty special place to go for kids who love trains. We'll definitely be going back. You can probably guess what the boys are saying..ALL ABOARD!!

All four boys love trains, so when we heard about this restaurant we just had to go! You order and trains that run around the top of the restaurant deliver the food to your table!  When the train brings your food, it stops, drops the tray on a shelf that lowers it right to your table!  How cool is that!!  Really cool according to the boys!!

Aaron loved the trains. I caught him in the middle of chewing and his hot dog with ketchup!

Drew was so excited, he couldn't stop giggling! Like I said all the boys like trains, but, Drew LOVES, LOVES, LOVES trains!!!

 Josh was checking out the trains every time they ran overhead.  I think he was more intrigued by the mechanics of it do they do that?

And Jake enjoyed it too. The trains were pretty cool
to watch. Behind him is one of many large photos of trains and train stations that are around the restaurant.

We spent a little time each morning outside since it was a little bit cooler. They brought their four-wheeler and the gator.  We have a large place for them to ride and play!

 Our littlest one was sick, but he's easy to occupy. He's playing a game of Bop-it, or trying to at least!!

We have some old waffle blocks roadway tracks that were my sons that makes really cool roads for driving your cars on! I love the way little boys lay down and drive their cars!  You have to get right down there so you can see the wheels go around!

I had to repair a pillow for one of the younger boys to take to PreK and Jake was watching me as I sewed it back together. He wanted to try the sewing machine out.  I found a very good use for all those little bits of fabric I can't seem to throw away.

He sewed them together end to end to make a long string of fabric. He can sew a pretty straight line! My fabric jar is now pretty much empty!

To keep him occupied, all you need is scrap fabric and a sewing machine!! This picture only shows part of the string, he went back and made it much, much longer!

Of course, the twins wanted one too!   So, they sat in my lap as I helped them feed their fabrics through the machine. Josh used his as a bandanna.  We had been to the circus the night before and he watched some Karate acrobats.  Looks like he could join their act!

 Drew tucked his in his back pocket and used it as a tail. He was pretending he was a puppy dog.  We had also seen a dog act at the circus!!

We had the best time at the circus!!  I didn't take any pictures though, I just wanted to enjoy the four boys and the show without looking through a lens!  It was much more fun sitting by them and watching their enjoyment and listening to their laughter and excitement!! 

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  1. Your family always seem to have a great time and find the most unique things to do. The boys really looked like they enjoyed the restaurant. Somtimes it is good to see the whole picture without the camera.


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