Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Finding Your Eye - Exploring Familiar Subjects

The newest assignment for Finding Your Eye was a photo shoot!  Taking pictures of a familiar object not once or twice, but at least 50 times!! Looking for different angles or changing the distance or the composition. Taking that many pictures wasn't hard for me. I always take lots of shots of the same object, just in case...just in case I shook the camera, or the focus was off, or the lighting might be better. I'm always thinking a better picture is just one click away!! I enjoy photographing flowers and nature, so I picked my hybrid Petunia.  It has such an unusual, delicate color that I've had trouble getting any really good shots of it!  I enjoyed the exercise, I actually took more than 50! Really, the only reason I quit was because the sweat was running in my eyes! After studying the images I picked three of my favorites. 

Looking back I wish I had thought more. I could have taken the flower with different backgrounds!  I have a hard time slowing down and thinking. I want to dive right in, decide on the item, grab the camera, snap, snap, snap instead of "think, think, think!"
This is one of my favorite shots. I liked the stamen barely peeking out of the center! I love to fill the frame with the object.
This one I like because of the POV!  Until I started learning about photography, I had never taken a picture of the back of a flower. How sad is that!!  The backs are equally beautiful! I love the fuzzys on the stems, the way the lights shines through the petals and the flower bokeh at the bottom.

It was a good exercise for me. I'm going to try again, study the object a bit more and be more careful of the background and light.


  1. I enjoyed reading about your experience. It is a learning process to slow down and think instead of just hitting the shutter button. Beautiful shots!

  2. Cathy, both photos are beautiful to me! I like the way you moved around and caught different views.

  3. It is an interesting process, I love that first photo. Beautiful!

  4. Great exercise wasn´t it, I had a similar experience. I love your second photo.

  5. Yay, I love petunias too! Such a simple, beautiful flower. I enjoyed these photos and your words. I find the same thing, I'm thinking so much about capturing the first shot I saw, that I might miss others. Upon review I usually find them!

  6. Beautiful shots! I love the details on the stem in your "back of flower" shot. I had never tried that angle before a few months ago either, but it sure does look beautiful doesn't it? There is always more to try, isn't there? Different backgrounds; now I want to go shoot 50 more, too!

  7. I totally understand that snap, snap, snap-and not think thing. I can definitely be right there with you. Fuzzy back side-how sweet. You're right the back sides have their own beauty.


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