Sunday, August 7, 2011

52 Photos Project ~ Something Old And Long Forgotten

52 Photos Project
The prompt this week
photo something vintage
faded or rusty
something old and long forgotten
This prompt was for me...I love anything vintage!
This rusty old Sear's wagon has been in my husband's family for about 35 years. You can tell it's long forgotten. It's really more dusty and dirty than rusty! 

This bicycle sure hasn't been used in a while!!

I call this a rust abstract.  It's the back of a 1940 Ford pick-up cab. Who knew rust could have so many colors and textures?

As I was looking for vintage, rusty objects, I just kept thinking about how many things today are made from plastic. If you break it you just throw it away! I don't think there'll be a prompt in the future looking for broken plastic objects, but, you never know!!

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