Friday, August 12, 2011

Exploring With a Camera - Frame WithIn A Fame

"Frame Within A Frame" is the topic of this Exploring With a Camera.  That simple means that we were to look for a subject that was framed by something.  It could be anything, a window, a door, a mirror, there are lots of options. Since I've never been good at taking photos of buildings, windows and doors, my frames consisted of natural things. I love to shoot photos of nature and looking through nature to see nature was really fun.

a lake taken through the frame of a tree

rows of vegetables seen through a rough, wooden fence
our flag framed by the tree line and crepe myrtles

clouds framed by the silhouettes of trees

This one is of course out of my archives and it's not framed by nature, but, I had to share it. It is one of my favorite snow pictures.  The black circle is the ring on a child's gym set. The snow has piled about half way up inside the ring.  The snow covered cedar trees are framed by the ring and the pile of snow.  

Frames draw our attention directly to the object we're photographing.  Try it!! It's a fun way to explore and there's still time to link to Kat's Eye View Exploring With A Camera!!  Follow the link for an explanation of this exploration and for viewing the amazing photos others have posted!


  1. I love that snow photo too. your eyes are drawn to that beautifully bare winter tree.
    I like your other shots too, looking through a frame makes things look a little more interesting.

  2. What a fun prompt, I love what you have done with it.

  3. The snow picture is great fun, I love the flag and the clouds as well.

  4. I love all of those tree frames! They are a perfect example of natural frames. Thanks so much for linking in and sharing your view!

  5. What a challenging prompt! I love the garden picture! It reminds me of Mr. McGregor's garden!

  6. I can see why you had to pull that last one from the archives. That is one awesome photo!

  7. Great frames all! You've definitely got the technique down! That last shot is a winner - reminded me of a snow globe of sorts - very cool!


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