Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Weekend With Boys

My house is quiet. I usually like quietness, but today it just seems too much. I know it's because I'm missing the noise of my grandsons. I went to visit my daughter and the boys this weekend. We always have such a loud and fabulous time! So, I'm just warning you...there's a lot of pictures below!!

We just played on Friday. Jake, of course, was in school when I got up there, so the twins and I played. We played a rousing game of "Life" which mostly consisted of driving our cars around the board. 

 Drew-man playing with his helicopter that he kept insisting was a remote control. I think it was at one time and he remembers, because every time he saw anyone he would ask "is this a remote control helicopter?" Drew is such a sweet, cuddly guy! I could not even begin to count the number of kisses and hugs he gave me this weekend. We were sitting at the table and he was in another room and  yelled, "Gramma, I Love You!" I mean, how sweet is that!! Touches my heart!

 In that little head that Joshie is touching is the most amazing imagination!! He has an imaginary grandma that lives in Calico Rock. She lives in a round house with weeds growing on it. She has three dogs. She likes bears. Oh yeah, she is very, very old!  She also has a direct link to God. Josh said "God told my grandma in Calico Rock that Noah does not have a beard." It sounds like she is quite a character! So, if you hear any stories about his GRANDMA, that's not me!!

Jake has been playing Upwards Basketball. He really has enjoyed it and is getting quite good. He made several good shots for his team and he can really dripple the ball well. I didn't know that they memorized Bible verses each week. Some of the stars on his T-shirt are for the verses he memorized.

 As a reward they received basketballs with the Upwards logo on it. Pretty cool looking ball and a really cool looking guy!

We went to the park after the awards assembly, because the boys wanted me to see the eagle on it's nest. They got to see it a few weeks ago. We did see the nest, but sadly no eagle this time. It is amazing how big this nest is. Probably 5-6 feet across and those aren't little twigs the nest is built with, they are branches! Maybe next time I'll get to see him/her.

They really had a great time playing. It was hard to get them still for a picture! Seems Gramma is always wanting a picture of them!

 Airborne Drew!

 Josh wanted me to crawl under the playground equipment with him. I chose just to take his picture.

 Jake on top of the slide. Thumbs up to you too!

 Little climbers!

 The park is on one of the lakes near their home. So of course we had to go throw rocks in the lake and hunt for shells and heart-shaped rocks. Jake found a bunch of rocks for his collection!

 Back at home, it was a fun time of jumping on the trampoline.

 Love this boy's smile

 Here's Jake trying out his new basketball. I happened to catch this ball as it went through the net!

 Gotta teach those little brothers to play basketball.

 And of course, there has to be riding!  Doesn't matter what you ride, just has to go!

 Future surgeons?? They're wearing their dad's surgical caps.  I really thing they look a little like pirates myself!

Then, on Sunday I went to church with them. Josh was worried that their wasn't a place for Gramma's at his church. He told me if there weren't any "people" in my class I could go to class with him. He takes care of his Gramma!

A wonderful three days with these precious guys!! Oh, and of course with their beautiful mommy. Oh, I admire and love her!

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  1. Wow, it looks like we had a ton of fun! No wonder we are tired!! These are great pictures!!


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