Thursday, March 3, 2011

Treasures On Thursday

My treasure today is book. Books that were my Mom's and mine.
Since I showed you some of my Mom's books in yesterday's post, I thought I'd show you some of mine, too. Mom passed on her love of mysteries to me. Who doesn't love Nancy Drew Books. I was just thinking how I choose a book to read. An interesting front cover attracts me and then I flip it over to read the back cover and see what the book is about. But, look at Mom's books, they're just solid blue. And, neither of our books have anywhere that you can read a short blurb about the story. Most have been a lot harder to choose a book. I guess you mostly bought by authors you knew. Maybe, that's why Mom chose books that were in the same series as her's. She knew they were appropiate for me to read. I'm so glad mom wrote inside the front cover. I love her handwriting!

I really like the pictures on the inside cover of these books. This is the inside cover of one of my Nancy Drew books. I wonder why they stopped doing that. Probably had to do with cost. This one happens to be my favorite

Another set of books that my Mom and I both have, were Cherry Ames, the adventures of a young and dedicated career nurse. They were written in the early 40's. I guess you can tell which one's are mine.

The inside front cover of these books are plain, but there is an illustration beside the title page.
 She must have been one busy little nurse, there are a couple of dozen books written about her careers. Both my daughter and daughter-in-law are nurses. I thought they would like to see her varied career. Girls, you have a ways to go to catch up to Miss Cherry! Maybe she was a traveling nurse. I don't really remember. I guess I should reread some of these.
Books have always been treasures to me. It doesn't matter the age, whether it's soft bound, paper bound, or hardbound. It doesn't really matter the condition. I just love books. I love the way they smell, even the old ones, and the way they feel. I love to go to new books stores, used books stores, and flea markets to look for books. I'm not sure I'll ever have an electronic reader because I just love to hold books!!

Maybe I should have been a librarian!! Why, didn't I think of that years ago. Perfect career for me!

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