Friday, March 11, 2011

I Don't Read As Much As I Used To

I've just finished reading my last book in my fiscal year of books.
"What are you talking about??" you say. It all started  several years ago after I had two back surgeries in one year. I was pretty much bed fast for a year, therefore I read and read and read!! I read so many books that I kept a list because I kept forgetting which books I had read and would check it out of the library again. Then out of curiosity in 2005 I decided to count how many books I had read that year. I've been doing that ever since. Here's my totals. The first years are really kind of shocking!! There are only 365 days in a year you know!! I read all the time! Just know, they weren't all long books, I read a lot of Inspirational Fiction books that you could easily read in a day.
2005 - 290
2006 - 313
2007 - 247
2008 - 202
2009 - 144
2010 - 138
2011 - 44
Now you say "what happened to this year's count??" Ssh, don't tell Mr. H but it was the computer. Yep, I got my computer over a year ago and the book reading slowed way down! I can't convince Mr. H that's it's better to read on the computer than fiction books. I'm still reading, but only in a different  medium. And, instead of reading books that I promptly forgot about, I'm reading and learning so much. I visit blogs about quilting, photography, and scrap booking. I have a file on the computer of things I've read or seen that inspire me. Reading off the computer is a much better thing. Right??

If I hadn't read blogs on photography, I would never have thought to take a photo like this. Not bragging too much, but I still can't believe I took this photo!! I always just took shots straight on dead center. I look at things different now, and try different shots that I've seen by others.  I'm so excited about photography. I really didn't know I had such a passion for it until I started finding new and exciting ways to see the world through the camera lens.

If I hadn't read blogs on quilting, I don't know when I would have finished my snowman quilt. Thanks to the PhD Challenge, I'm working on it. I'm still lovin' that quilting I did yesterday!!!

If I hadn't read blogs on scrap booking, I would never have seen so many new techniques to try on my pages or gotten my Project Life album. Which I love by the way!! It's where I keep my 365 photos.

I wouldn't have Facebook where I can keep up with the everyday moments of my grandsons and close family and friends. See that third post down. You can't read it, but it's about one of my grandsons. He just wrote his name upside down and backwards. That's pretty hard, since he's only four! I love keep up with the small moments in all my grandsons lives and FB makes it easy.

And I wouldn't have started this blog to help with my journaling on my scrapbook pages. Now, I get to share a little of my life and my photography with you. I do love my little computer! It brings a big world so much closer. The groups I belong to and the blogs I followed are from all over the world! The statistics on my blog show where the visits are from.
United States 3,886
Canada 41
Russia 25
Estonia 15 - I have never heard of Estonia, it's in Northern Europe.
Slovenia 15
Brazil 14
Ukraine 13
United Kingdom 11
Poland 11
Australia 10
Now, that is hard to believe, people from all these countries have read my little blog or at least opened it and saw they didn't want to read it. Either way, that's pretty fantastic to me!!

Yes, I still read for pleasure, but not as much as I used to!!


  1. I don't guess I knew about your Project Life album. I would love to look at it sometime!

  2. So much to be learned and blogs are a great place to find info.

  3. Reading is reading - as long as you are enjoying it! The difference in the number of books you read over the last few years is pretty funny!


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