Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I've been following Kat Sloma's photography blog called The Kat Eye View Of The World. She posts the most awesome pictures, many near her home in Italy. That is one thing I have enjoyed so much about the photo groups I participate in, I  get to see the world through their beautiful photography. I get to visit places I will never see in person.  Kat has a series that is meant to inspire us to see the world around us in a different way while using our cameras. It's called "Come Exploring With A Camera."  Her last topic is Capture The Sky. I've only recently found her blog. This is the first time I've tried some of her suggestions.

#1 - When I think of sky, I think of clouds. These trees look like they have caps of cotton.

#2 - The sun was trying to peek out from this cloud. I'm like my Dad, I like to watch the jetstreams or more correctly the contrails left by the jets. This day they were everywhere. The atmosphere must have been just right because they stayed in the air for a long time. One trail just seems to be a large ray of sunshine.

#3 - Another view, another contrail.

#4 - She suggested that adding a touch of the scenery gives depth to the sky. I've enjoyed getting a few sun flares, also.

#5 - The middle of the day with the moon still up.

#6 - This sky has a little bit of it all...beautiful clouds,
sun flare, contrail and tree branches.

#7 - Just trying a different angle with my
flowering plum tree and caught this beautiful sky.

#8 - One of our prompts on Facebook was "Fine Feathered Friends." With my camera I can't get a close-up shot of a bird. They just fly away!! I was determined to try and get a real live bird, so, when I saw a large group of blackbirds on the ground, I thought I could at least get a group of birds. But, alas, they flew away also. But, I did get a pretty sky!

#9 - Here's one I just took today. She suggested in another post to take pictures from under flowers looking up at the sky. I like the way this turned out.
I had fun trying out some of her suggestions.
Which do you like the best???

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  1. My favorite is looking up through the bloom to the sky. All of them look great.


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