Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Picture This 2011

Time again for another group of photos.
Now these prompts were really hard for me.
Took some thought, but I'm pleased with the photos.

Curve Ball
I finally thought of my gazing ball.
I keep it in during the winter because of freezing temps. So I had to get the base and set it up again.
I love the way the clouds seem to be coming out of the ball.
I also like this one with the trees in the background. I'm learning to find different angles to take the shots. I have a lot to learn, but it sure is fun trying!

Let It Be
I looked up the lyrics for the Beatles Song "Let It Be". Several others took shots and used words from the song. I was at the library and took this picture of photography books. I even checked out some to look through. Maybe these books will speak "words of wisdom" to me.

Happy Days are Here Again
This prompt wasn't so hard. I took this picture of a dandelion in the yard bringing signs of happy spring days.
And what could be a happier picture than a giggling little boy!

Have A Seat
This one came out of my archives. I thought of it immediately when I read the prompt.
No way would I have a seat in these chairs.

How many seats would you like to have??
I was shopping in Target and walked by these outdoor chairs. I laughed when I saw them all stacked up and knew they would fit the prompt perfectly.

I found this beautiful peaceful seat a a local cemetery. I was thinking about the prompt as I drove home from the grocery store. I drove through the cemetery because I knew  there are usually benches. I was thinking that this was a beautiful, quiet area to have a seat and think about each moment we are blessed with.

There's not a shortage of books around here. It's just figuring out
how to get a good shot. I never realized that books glared so badly when you take their picture. I moved this shelf all around the room until I found the right spot without a glare.
These are some of my Mother's books that she gave me.
I'm going to side track here for a few pictures.
I enjoyed opening the books and seeing her signature
in the front cover of many of them.
I was also fascinated by the inside front cover
of these books. Is this not neat!
This is the inside of "Shirley Temple and the spirit of Dragonwood" dated 1945.

 I really like this one. It's from "Boots and The Mystery Of The Unlucky Vase" dated 1943.  My Mom still loves to read mysteries!! I guess this is where it all started!

Twin Twinkle Toes!!
Let me hear you say that three times very fast!
How cute are these toes!! I make it black and white so the colors would not distract from their toes.

Feathered Friends
I don't have a zoom that is good enough to take close up photos of birds. By the time I get close enough to shoot they shoo!! So, I settled on an inside feathered friend from my collection.

I pulled a couple of older shots that I liked the repetition in and then took a new one. The first one is new it's the repetition of quilt blocks and the repetition of plaids.

 You can't beat the repetition of peanut butter and chocolate!
 And although the snow is long gone, I still am enjoying it through my pictures. I love my garden lights all in a row with their little white caps on!

I'm having so much fun with photography that I'm neglecting so many other things.  Oh well! I'm having a good time!

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  1. I am so impressed! I can tell a world of difference in your pictures. I love the way you can interpret a prompt in so many different ways. My 2 favorites - the first gazing ball picture and (of course) twin feet!!


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