Thursday, March 24, 2011

Treasures On Thursday - recycling the worn

I'm going to continue the quilting theme for today's treasure. Even old quilts that are worn and frayed with big holes in them can be salvaged for something beautiful. You may remember the story of my Christmas ornament made out of a scrap of Nannie's quilt that was horribly worn. (If you want to see it, click on the green words words above.)   I'll retell it because I have another wonderful treasure made from the same quilt. When my Grandfather was moving from his home to be near my aunt and uncle, he began to go through his "stuff" and clean it out. He ran across a really old dilapidated quilt that Nannie, my grandmother, had made and used and used. It was literally falling apart. He was going to throw it away, but I just couldn't let him. I told him I wanted the quilt, after all it was Nannie's handwork. He refused, saying he didn't want to give me something that was raggedy. Back and forth we went, please, no, please, no. Then I asked him if he would give it to me if I made something out of the good parts of the quilt. He agreed to that and that's what I did I made Christmas mittens for myself, my Mom, and my children. And then I made this bear. Her name is Tennie. Tennie was my grandmother's middle name. When I showed the finished bear to Papaw, I could tell that he was pleased that I'd created something pretty out of something he was just going to throw away.
I used the light solid blue that was the sashing and border on the quilt for the paw pads. The buttons that I used to join the arms and legs are also some of my grandmothers.

You'll notice in the photo below that I had to use some frayed areas to get all the pieces cut out.
Another project I did from a salvaged quilt, are these two pillows. This quilt I found at a flea market. I was just drawn to it. It was truly a quilt made from scraps, any available scrap. Some of the fabrics were not pretty, probably from old work clothes. Even though the fabrics weren't all pretty, she still made a beautiful quilt with them. I brought it home and made these two pillows for what I call my "nostalgia" room. It's my spare bedroom that contains so many of my treasures and looks kind of 50's.
I haven't seen any good guilts in flea markets lately. I guess they're dwindling. I wonder if any of our bedding will be treasured by generations to come! Somehow, I doubt it. We'll just wear them out and thow them away. Not handmade quilts though!! Those will always be treasures!

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  1. I love the stories about the quilts and I am so glad that you got to do these projects. This quilt will last a long time now. For generations on your bed and on your tree.

    Keep the memories coming.


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