Saturday, March 5, 2011

Play Date With Aaron

Another wonderful day for me! I spent the day with Aaron. Just about every minute of his day is a "Kodak Moment". He doesn't mind you taking his picture, but I'm sure that will change in a few years!  He immediately wants to see the "bebe" in the camera!!  He is so photogenic. It's certainly not the photographer, it's the photographee. (I think I made that word up. Spell check definitely doesn't like it!)   He has such a sweet, beautiful face!! Can you believe this guy is turning two very soon!! My, he has grown so fast!

Almost every time you see him, he has little cars in his hands. This little train belonged to his Daddy! It is an antique isn't it!!!  If it's not yet, it's getting close!  Only has to be 25 years old to an antique!! I love that Randy saved his toys and now Aaron is playing with them!! Aaron has a really terrific Daddy! And, I'm not too prejudice!! He is a great Daddy!

Of course, you have to swing if you go outside. Aaron just kept saying "faster, faster."  And then just all of a sudden "ready to get out now."  I noticed he uses the word "now" a lot. But, he always uses it very politely!

I love little hands!! Aaron likes to pick the bark off the trees. Do you see that little finger crooked up so cute. I do the very same thing with I sew or cross stitch or type or play the piano. See, he does take after me, too!!

There's a privacy fence on one side of their property. I caught Aaron peeking on the neighbors. This picture just makes me smile!!

A few minutes later I learned there was a dog on the other side of the fence. He was sniffing Aaron through a knot hole. Don't worry that Aaron will stick his fingers through the hole and the dog bite them, it's above his head. I was holding him when the dog was sniffing!

 All of a sudden he came to me and said "want to color now". OK, but where does Aimee keep the colors. Just ask Aaron, he knows. He takes me straight  to the desk and points out the box. It's so cute the way he words things..."want to color red now"...want to color blue, now." My first colored page by Aaron is now on my refrigerator.

I thought you might want to know what we had for lunch. Not spaghetti! Chili! He loved him some chili!! I did mange to get him to wear a bib, but we still had to change shirts after lunch!! You should have seen his arms and hands! Repeated trips to the sink to rinse the washrag before he was really clean!

He's a true boy, he love his cars and trucks. He's playing with another one of his Daddy's trucks. It was in the garage and he lugged it inside. Sorry, Mommy, if it's not supposed to be inside. Blame Gramma!!

Our self portrait. I told Aaron to watch the blinking white light on the camera and he did!! He's looking right at the camera! I don't like myself in pictures, but I'm bound and determined to be in them more.  Someday I'll be thankful that I have these precious photos with my grandsons. I don't have very many with my own children. I avoided the camera and we didn't have self-timers. But, I'm slowly changing that! You will see more of me on my blog in the future!!

 Thanks for letting me share my day with you!! I hope your day today is wonderful!!!

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  1. He is beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great time! The first picture is my favorite! Love that smile! I'm glad you are taking pictures of yourself. I need to make an effort to get some pictures of me with my family!


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