Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Trip To The Zoo

I'm late posting about the wonderful weekend we had. All four grandsons were here, with their Mommy's of course, and we just had the best time! We decided to take the kids to the zoo. We woke up on Friday morning and the temp. was only in the 40's!! We decided to go anyway and almost froze the first hour or so, then it did  begin to warm up!

You'll never know how hard it is to get a shot of wiggly, giggly little boys. There's always someone who doesn't want his picture taken.  You finally get them all to sit down, and no one wants to look at the camera, except Landon. He was listening when we were yelling to look at the camera! So this is what you get. A great shot of boys have a great time!!

(L to R)  Josh, Landon (Aaron's cousin), Jake holding Aaron, and Drew

We decided to visit the new Penguin exhibit first before it became too crowded.  Right before the exhibit there is a painted scene for a photo op. I can't tell you how long we tried to get this shot. Every time one head would be in place...another would be gone! But, we finally made it! All three looking through the holes, just not at the camera!

It was much easier to get Aaron's picture.

Jake was our official wagon puller. I think everyone took a turn riding in the wagon.

Aaron liked feeding the fish the best!

Drew like the train the best!

I think Jake really liked pulling everyone in the wagon the best. But, the flamingos were fascinating to watch as they stood so still on one leg.

Josh liked the snakes, lizards and frogs the best, but it was too dark and crowded in that building to take a picture of him. So, since he also really liked the carousel, I took his picture there! He's patiently waiting for the ride to start.
The  best part of my day, other than being with my family, was riding on the carousel.  The carousel we rode on was the Arkansas Carousel, a one-of-a-kind Over-the-Jumps antique carousel. It is the only fully operational carousel of its kind in the world.

The Over-the-Jumps Carousel was constructed as a traveling carousel during the heyday of carousels in the U.S. (1887-1935). It first appeared in Arkansas at the 1924 Arkansas State Fair. It is the last known “over-the-jumps” carousel known to exist, one of only four built in the world. The undulating track moves up and down with the horses attached to the track. Standard carousels feature horses attached to poles that move up and down to create motion. I remember riding on this carousel when I was young. It was exciting to be able to ride it again.

This is the end of the day!  We're watching the monkeys play and looking very worn out. All except Josh and Drew, they were still going strong. And, they're not choking each other, they are laughing!!
Such a good day! Such great times together!
Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you about the great times we had the next day!

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  1. It was such a great day. I am glad we get these opportunities to "do stuff" together when Patty and the boys are here. Making memories!


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