Thursday, October 28, 2010

Treasures on Thursday

 Tiny and Sweet

My Shoes
In the 50's if was very popular to have your baby shoes bronzed.
They were then attached to a base with a photo frame. The frame deteriorated but Mom kept the shoes. 

My Daughter's Shoes
Sweet memories of  her on Sunday morning with her
ruffled little dresses and these little shoes.

My Son's Shoes
He was a chubby little one and was so adorable in the 
little sporty outfit that went with the shoes.

We found these precious little leather shoes in a box of things that belonged to my husband's mother. They melt my heart. Lovely little things with those sweet little buttons. We don't know anything about them. Who wore them or how old they are. But, since they were with her mementos I feel they were special to her.

Vintage shoes fascinate me.

These shoes were in the Jefferson Historical Museum in Texas.

Look at these handmade shoes. Someone put many hours into
fashioning these shoes for this little baby. Maybe his mother or grandmother.
I imagine whoever made them thought of the baby as they made every stitch.
It's very sad that the baby only lived to be only two.

It's funny that I like shoes so much. I don't really
 have many pairs, just the basics.
And, I'd rather go barefoot!!


  1. These are fun! I love that you added our shoes too! Don't remember them! :) I love shoes too, but barefoot is my favorite too!

  2. What a wonderful choice for "Treasures on Thursday". I especially liked the ones that belonged to Jerry's mother. Your description made it feel like a mystery straight off of Antiques Roadshow. : )


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