Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day With Aaron

Yesterday I spent the day with my youngest grandson, Aaron, while his Daddy and Mommy worked.  He is such a cutie!!   It was a special day from the very beginning. Aaron was eating breakfast when I got there and as he saw me he said "Gram-ma."  This was the first time he said my name so clearly and with two syllables. How special is that!!  Then we played.  We played and played and played.  Yes, I love to play with my grandkids!!
We went outside early in the morning and were walking across the front yard when he looked down and said "shadow".  Wow, I didn't even know that he knew that word. He is one smart cookie!!

He just loves to run. He runs more that he walks. Keeps me moving at a fast pace, too.  He runs pretty fast for someone so small.  Look at that beautiful hair blowing in the wind!

Aaron loves to play hide-n-seek.  He kept running around the legs of his swing set hiding from me and giggling.

His shirt is 100% correct, he does "dig dirt!"
He loves to dig in the dirt either with his hands or a shovel.  The shovel looks metal and pointed and hugh, but it's really not. It's plastic and has a round point, just so you know.

He thinks he's such a big boy on his slide. Always tries to crawl up the slide. It won't be long before he can crawl to the top.

 I would sit him at the top of the slide and he would wait until I counted to three and then would slide down when I said "go."

We played a little soccer with the beach ball.  He kicks the ball while he's running.  He has great form and balance don't you think? Possible future Olympic soccer player?

Just in case I haven't bragged enough, Let me tell you this. He reads! Yes, I mean really reads words on cards that have no pictures. I don't know how many words he reads right now, but he seems to learn more each day. One day he was in the car with his Mommy as they came up to a speed bump. He saw the yellow sign and said "bump". Pretty amazing! He also knows his colors. I love to hear him say "purple".  It is amazing to me he's only 1 1/2 years old!

He is a sweet, amazing, cute, precious, adorable, giggly, intellegent little boy. All my grandsons are.  I'm not at all prejudice.  I'm just saying, GRAMMA ADORES HER GRANDSONS, ALL FOUR!!!


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  1. Randy and I loved this post! It does our hearts good to hear someone else besides ourselves bragging on Aaron so! : ) I chose the picture of Aaron playing hide-n-seek as my desktop background on my new laptop!


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