Saturday, October 16, 2010

Shopping in Jefferson, TX

  As you walk the streets of  historic downtown Jefferson you will be amazed at the restored buildings that are over 170 years old. The downtown area of shops encompasses about 7 to 8 square blocks. A slew of antique stores have replaced the variety of shops and businesses that once lined the streets of Jefferson in the late 1800's.

 In addition to antique/flea markets, there are many other shops to explore, general store, clothing store, cooking store, Christian store, fudge and candy store, music store, home decor store, Christmas store and much, much more!! 

Jefferson General Store and Soda Fountain - you could find anything you wanted in here. We enjoyed looking at the candy section, we kept saying "I remember that candy" or "we used to eat that".  Didn't know they still made some of the candies. Original hardwood floors that creaked and popped as you walked. I wonder about the people that used to walk these floors.

One of the largest antique/flea market buildings about 22,000 square feet.
Filled with anything you could imagine.  It was originally a mill built in 1910.

 Here's an example of one of the many antique/flea markets. We enjoyed just looking at the old buildings...high ceilings, crown moldings, inside hand made brick walls.

We saw every kind of antique you could of imagine.
A lot of times we had to read the tags to see what it was.

Check out this tin ceiling. Some of the ceilings were reproductions, but many were the original, You could tell by all the layers of paint.

It is funny, that we shopped for literally two days and didn’t visit all the shops, we ran out of time.  We did more looking than buying. Neither of us bought very much. But, believe me, there was plenty to buy!!  I bought a Little Golden Book for a $1 for my collection.  Then of all things we went to a yard sale.  We both bought some old costume jewelry.  I bought five pieces for less than $4.  Most were old clip on earrings. Now, what would we do with that?  Judith is going to decorate a Christmas tree in her bedroom with hers and I have what I call the "Nostalgia Room," kind a 1930”s room, so my jewelry will go in there as decorations. I also bought a beautiful illustrated book for 50 cents.  We both bought some Mayhaw Jelly. Neither of us had ever heard of Mayhaw Jelly.  It is made from the fruit of a Hawthorne tree that blooms in May.  Hence the name "Mayhaw". It is the best jelly. That was our big purchase, $6.49 a jar.  Big spenders we are not!

There's more to come for Jefferson. I think I'll show you some of the historic buildings next time.

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