Monday, October 18, 2010

Photo Challenge - Robber's Cave Trip

I enjoy life, almost every minute of life. There are few things that I don't really like such as crowds, summer, crowds, Wal-mart, crowds. You get the picture. Other than that, for the majority of time, I'm really happy and very content with my life. And, saying that, I tend to get a little silly sometimes. I sure don't always act my age.  My husband says I'm "half-crazy" and my daughter says "I'm still a child at heart." I like my daughter's description the best. I try to enjoy myself in whatever situation I'm in. For instance, coming home from the car show in Robber's Cave State Park in Oklahoma, I got a little bored.  Even with the beautiful scenery I was getting a little antsy. I have to have something to do. So, I thought about a photo challenge, I believe I read on Becky Higgin's blog. She challenged those who were traveling to take photos of what was happening in the vehicle. Like kids in the back seat playing video games or babies sleeping. So here I was in the cab of a 1940 Ford Pickup, which is very small, our shoulders almost touch and there is no room for anything but us and my purse. But I gave it an honest try. Excuse all the reflections and glares from the windows.

This is my husband, Jerry.  He's a serious guy most of the time.  Definitely doesn't like to have his picture taken. So you can imagine his comment, "What are you doing that for??"

The speedometer and gauges. You can see how many miles we driven in our truck, 8,675.  And see, we don't speed. We were cruising along at 55 mph when the speed limit was  65 mph. We are in no hurry to get anywhere and we enjoy the ride.

Ford emblem on the center dash. You can see our reflections in the shiny red paint.

Cute little windshield wiper. By the way, it has only one wiper, there's not one on my side. I guess wives in the 40's either didn't ride in the truck or need to see out when it rained. Do you see the mist coming off the small pond?

And this one is one of my silly moments. The rising sun was blinding me and there are no visors in the truck. So, being the creative person that I am, I made my own.  I folded the long edge of a piece of notebook paper and slipped it between the window and the molding. It actually worked! When we changed directions, I just slid the "visor" along the window.  Clever huh??

Me taking pictures of the fall scenery.

And last, a picture out the rear window. That's Charlie, Robert and Cleva,
Mike and Erma, our traveling buddies.

It was kind of fun and kept me busy for a few miles.


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  1. That sounds like fun! What a great idea. I may have to buy the boys a disposable camera and let them do this. It would probably last 5 minutes though. The picture of Daddy made me laugh out loud. I can hear him saying that! The sun visor is a classic! You could maybe sell those! Glad you guys had fun!


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