Thursday, October 21, 2010

Treasures On Thursday

I have this wonderful Embroidery Magazine, The Modern Priscilla, that belonged to my Grandfather.  He loved to scavenge flea markets and pawn shops and collect vintage items. I don't know where he found this, but it's wonderful to look at.
It's dated May, 1907 and sold for 50 cents a year or 5 cents a copy. It is filled with articles about embroidery. Some of this embroidery, I have never heard of. Here's a few topics the articles cover:  Hardanger Work, Irish Crochet, Holbein Embroidery, Cluny Lace, Hedebo and Wallachian Embroidery, Italian Cut Work, Tatting, Netting and of course recipes, you can't have a woman's magazine without them. There's even a two page fiction story. It has lots of advertisements where you can order embroidery patterns and other products.

There is an article about this waist bag embroidered in Wallachian Cut Work. You could order the pattern for 15 cents; linen, 25 cents; and cotton thread for working, 15 cents. I thought this was unusual, you could order the work commenced for an additional 75 cents. Guess they started it for you and then you finished it.

Here's an example of the dresses of the period. Aren't they beautiful with all the embroidery! I can't imagine having time to embroider these dresses. They must have been worn by women who had maids, cooks and nannies, leaving them with nothing to do but visit and embroidery.

I like to read the articles, but  I'm more fascinated by the advertisements. Would you like to buy a dress for $2.75? or pure silk Jersey gloves for 98 cents?

or shoes for $2.50?

or throw away that corsett and buy the perfect bust support?
sizes 30-38, $1
sizes 40-45, $1.25

Maybe you are a stout woman and need a modern reducerer for only $3,
with an additional 50 cents for double elastic

and last but not least a hair piece
200 sizes and grades of hair from 50 cents to $25.
In 1907, that $25 one must have been a beauty!!

Roughly adding it up you could have a dress, gloves, shoes, and undergarment for less than $8
 I love looking through the magazine. It's amazing that something so old and made out of paper could be so interesting and fascinating. Sometimes I wonder, what should we be saving for future generations to treasure?

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