Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall Follage Cruise - Robber's Cave, Oklahoma

We just returned from a very wonderful weekend at Robber's Cave State Park in Wilburton, OK. We participated in a street rod show with a group of our friends. In fact there were about 20 friends from our area here in Arkansas that were there.

Robber's Cave is in the San Bois Mountains, best known for the historical sites where many bank robbers and outlaws would hole up and hide from the law. From 1870 to 1890, Robbers Cave was notorious for its association with the likes of Jesse James, his cousin Cole Younger and Cole's Wife, Myra Belle Shirley, later known as Belle Starr. Caves and canyons take you right back to the old west.

We start out on Friday night at the ranch of Mr. Wooldridge, the shows biggest sponsor. We meet there, register and he feeds us burgers and hot dogs. We get to tour his shops where he restores Packard Automobiles. His shops are unbelievable.

We stayed at the ranch until sunset. What a beautiful Oklahoma sunset!

The next morning before sunrise we pack up and head out to Robber's Cave.

Our little group (from left to right) cars belonging to:
Cliff, Mike & Erma, Us, Charlie, and Robert & Cleva.

There were 511 vehicles registered at the show this year. You wouldn't believe how pretty they are, every color, make and year that you can imagine. Anything earlier than the 60's. Those who entered the car show are given ballots to vote on their favorite vehicles.  There are several categories to vote for. This year one of the categories was "1940 vehicle" which is celebrating their 70th anniversary. Our truck is a 1940 Ford, so we fit in this category. There were a lot of really beautiful 1940 cars and trucks, so we were surprised when they called our car number as one of the top five 1940 vehicles.

our plaque

We hit the road Sunday morning for a beautiful fall drive home. Check out the reflection in the hood of the truck. The leaves were turning a little, but so many were just turning brown. Even so, it was a beautiful drive home.

Hope your weekend was fun!!

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  1. Jake was very excited that Gramps won an award!


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