Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Third Thursday Challenge

I'm barely squeaking in on this Third Thursday Challenge! Thankfully Brenda gives us extra time to link our projects. Once a month we try something new. It doesn't have to be in photography, but that seems to be where I find myself.  I've been wanting to try some macro images that are backlit with a light box. Today, at the last minute, I drug everything out and here's what I came up with. 

I guess I should call them abstract, macro, backlit images. You can't always tell when they are!

First, I used a lime.
The hardest part was cutting the thing.
Very tough skin on this one!

This next one reminds me a quilt block called Cathedral Window.

Poke Sallet
Have you ever eaten any?
Not me, but I understand there's a certain stage where it's safe to eat.
Finding the poke sallet made me think of that old (1968) song Polk Salad, Annie
Maybe you've never heard of it, but Elvis sang it in 1970.

crushed cinnamon candy
This really smelled good when I was photographing it!


Trying something new not only keeps my creative juices flowing, it helps me learn more about my camera, lens, and settings.

Thanks so much to Brenda for hosting this link up. Click the button below to drop by and see what some of the others have done.


  1. These are all so clever and beautiful! I can tell you had fun ...

  2. Fabulous! Love the limes and sprinkles especially.

  3. Wow! Super results, Cathy! Love the green texture of the lime.

  4. These are really cool! I, too, really like the lime images.

  5. I love this challenge and would love to join it.... You did a super job; I really love the lime shots....

  6. Cathy - what a fantastic challenge! I am very fond of abstract macros - those "what is it?" images that turn something common and mundane into color and texture and beautiful patterns. You were very creative with what you chose to shoot - each is very interesting in its own way and keeps one guessing. My favorite is the sprinkles - such a happy, colorful image. I am so glad to have you join in at the last minute :) and happy that the Third Thursday Challenge has been an inspiration for you.

  7. Oh, these are wonderful. I can smell the lime!!!

  8. i think having fun with photography is exactly the thing to do to keep our creative juices flowing. i love these images.the crisp,clean colors. so cool!

  9. I love the light behind the lime slices. It's such a gorgeous fresh (lime!) green too. Nice close up of that leaf and the crushed cinnamon candy looks like blocks of red ice!

  10. These are great! I can smell the lime and the candy! Makes me want to do some playing with this soon! :)

  11. What a gorgeous series! The colours are stunning.


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