Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Summer Finds

Another week of summer has come and gone!  And, another summer scavenger hunt is complete. Great prompts once again and lots of fun finding them! I was looking for...
butterflies,  sunglasses,  flowers,  sprinkler,  ice cream,  watermelon,  and  relaxing.

The first prompt was the hardest...butterfly. I searched high and low for one of these elusive beauties! They seem to be so scarce this year. I finally gave up and posted this image. It seemed a fake butterfly would have to do!

Later in the week I traveled to my daughter's home to spend a few days. Needing a break from the car ride, I bought a sandwich and stopped at a little city park for lunch. A park which just happened to have a small flower garden that was attracting...butterflies! I rushed back to the car, grabbed my camera, and took shots of butterflies until I was just too hot to take any more!

Sunglasses, those are something I use regularly. Once I got started, my sunglasses were suddenly everywhere!

Of course, you can't have a summer scavenger hunt without some pretty flowers.

To keep the lawns and flowers pretty we need to drag out the sprinklers several times a week. This little squirrel braved the sprinkler to get some of the sunflower seeds I put out for the birds.

Summertime just wouldn't be complete without some homemade Milky Way Ice Cream.

As I mentioned before, I went to my daughter's this week. I knew we were going to spend one day on the lake, so I took along a watermelon for us to eat and to use for this last prompt. I was going to make watermelon balls and place them in a bowl for the shot. When my grandson, Josh, started helping me, I knew this shot was so much better than just a bowl of watermelon!

 Our last prompt was relaxing. Photography is more relaxing to me than anything else.

These summer scavenger hunts are not always easy, but they have been fun. They have also gotten me outside on these hot summer days.

I certainly hope you're finding ways to enjoy your summer!


  1. A nice set of summer photos! I like the ones with your sunglasses and of course young Josh with the watermelon! You were so lucky to get those butterflies, they're not so easy to capture!

  2. Cathy - had to smile at the fact that you finally located some beautiful butterflies! a lovely set which captures the very essence of summertime. Love the sunglasses collage - so very clever.

  3. You are rockin' these scavenger hunts. Well done, Cathy!

  4. What a great set of pictures! I love the butterflies and your sunglasses collage is awesome!

  5. These are great - love your sunglasses collage and that picture of your grandson is gorgeous.

  6. Oh that squirrel! How funny! Your photos are great, and you're really having luck finding all of the prompts!

  7. Wonderful photos. Love the one of your grandson helping. So precious.

  8. These are great Cathy-so right about the way you captured watermelon. That park was a bonus "cha-ching". Butterflies are really hard to capture, well at least I think so. I love the way you framed that architecture with the pink flowers.
    Where do you find this summer scavenger hunt-or is it self imposed? It looks like fun.
    Happy day to you.

  9. Wonderful captures of the spirit of summer, Cathy! I love how your sunglasses popped up everywhere. Great photo of your happy grandson. And your ice cream shot reminded me I haven't had much of this summertime treat -- must go out and get some.

  10. Wonderful work and wonderful photos. I love the one with your grandson doing the melon balls!

  11. all such beautiful photos, but those last two are just adorable!

  12. Bravo, Cathy, bravo, the shots are beautiful. The face of the squirrel makes me laugh. I love your fountain shot on Flickr today. I am happy to think of us all wandering around with our cameras. Very happy.


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