Friday, July 26, 2013

Along The Highway...

Mr. H and I traveled through northwest Arkansas on Wednesday. A round trip of about 400 miles in a little less than nine hours. It wasn't a stop-and-take-pictures trip. It was a shoot-pictures-out-of-the-truck-window trip.   As you can guess, I didn't keep very many of them!! It was challenging, but fun to see what I could get quickly pointing and shooting and it kept me occupied!

We traveled what's called the Pig Trail Scenic Byway (Highway 23) known for it's steep hills and hairpin turns. One source I read said that the Pig Trail's twisty, curvy road owes it's name to the wild hogs who carved paths through thick forest growth, creating trails that settlers later adopted. Another more common reason for the name is because it's the route many University of Arkansas Razorback fans used to get to Fayetteville to "call the hogs." The "Hogs" being the school mascot and you know they have curly little tales. Whatever the reason, it is steep, twisty, and curvy with some gorgeous views.

I love the rolling mountains of Arkansas which seem to just go on forever. In those mountains and in the valleys there are creeks, rivers, cows, horses, chicken houses, and barns. 

The barns are what caught my attention!

I saw lots of barns, but my favorites ones are the old barns; barns with weathered wood and rusted tin roofs. Barns that sit in overgrown fields.

Some in fair shape, and some falling down.

Small ones and large ones.

Some that are still in use.

Is it just me, or do you ever envy where someone else lives? I do! Reading blogs contributes to this problem.  I sometimes think, if I lived there or there I'd be in photography heaven.  I always wanted to live by the ocean or in a foreign country with castles and old rock walls. My favorite dream place to live would be in the mountains where I owned half of a mountain with waterfalls and wildflowers; where I didn't have to see anyone if I didn't want to. I wouldn't mind seeing the neighbor's smoke from their chimney on the next mountain over though. Unrealistic isn't it? Those are just dreams, living in central Arkansas is reality. All it takes is a road trip for me to realize all over again, how grateful I am to be right here.


  1. I love all the old barns and the countryside you passed through. It sometimes takes a trip like this to become aware of all the beauty that is around you and to appreciate it fully!

  2. The beauty of blogging is that we get to see so many places through others eyes, in a far different way than through travel magazines and such. I have often looked at your blog and thought that Arkansas must be the most wonderful place to live.

  3. What great shots and all out of a truck window...You really got some awesome shots and I like you love the old barns and wonder about all the people that have used them...

    You really live in a beautiful state but it's always fun to image how life would be somewhere else...Have a great weekend...

  4. Beautiful scenery and wonderful barns!

  5. What a beautiful series of barns and landscapes!

  6. Gorgeous! I would love to drive around and look at all those lovely barns. Nice shots.

  7. You got great shots from the window. As I am on this trip I too really appreciate where I live and the diversity there.

  8. I think we all have that "grass is greener" thoughts about how beautiful OTHER places are. But I think that is one of the gifts that photography gives us - the ability to see our own surroundings in a new way, seeing the beauty in the familiar.

    And I can completely understand your delight in your home state - what gorgeous images! Such amazing barns. And a big well-done for your out-of-the-window picture-taking - that is not an easy assignment.

  9. Reminds me of my travels to West Virginia...and a good barn will suck me in every time! You got some great photos as you whizzed by with Mr. H!

  10. I love these glimpses of rural Arkansas -- it's so pretty and green! We are so parched for rain here, even though we have fog almost every day everything is so dry. Those old barns are so fascinating -- you got some great shots from your car window.


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