Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summertime Summertime Sum Sum Summertime

my least favorite season.


Enough said!

On the positive side,
we've had more rain than usual
and we did have a few cooler days.

This week's summer scavenger hunt
had me looking for
some good things about summer
to cancel out the bad.

fountain, water play, towel,
swing, fresh, corn, sunset

The water from this FOUNTAIN looks cool.

Speaking of water,
how about some WATER PLAY for keeping cool.

I wish I were sitting on a TOWEL
on the beach,
smelling the salt in the air,
and feeling the wind in my hair.

When I was a child
I didn't mind the heat.
It was wonderful to be outside
flying high in a SWING;
tipping my head back looking at the sky.

 The FRESH food of summer is a plus. 
From my neighbor's garden delicious tomatoes and okra.
Okra that I can't wait to fry!

To that I'll add some
CORN with a little pepper and butter.

And at the end of the day I'll watch
the beautiful SUNSET!

I'm reminding my self to not wish away the summer months
and to find joy and beauty in each day!

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

~ Author Unknown


  1. I am always amazed at your photo shots. Love the water and it's movement in your first shot. The fresh vegetables look so great. I only like Spring and Fall and I get through Summer and Winter. I have enjoyed your hunting the right shots to show off summer with out all the heat.

  2. I know that little poem at the end of your posting and it makes me smile! It's so true...."whether we like it or not"!
    All the water shots make us feel fresh, don't they?! When you were a child, you didn't mind the heat. Do you think that summers were as hot and humid when we were children? Mine certainly weren't - growing up in England.
    Sometimes I dream of air-conditioning - which is not so common over here in Europe, but now that we are getting heat-waves with high humidity, it would indeed be wonderful to have.
    I really like your rolled up towel and starfish shot!

  3. Lovely shots, i really like both of your water shots & love the colours of your fresh food.

  4. I had to come by and say hello and that I'm with you on the summer heat, YUCK!! I try to find the beauty each day and not rush it away either. You are right about us having more cooler then hot days, we've barely been to the pool or beach like other summers. LOVE LOVE the poem, might include that somewhere in my Project Life album.

    AWESOME shots for this summertime post, love the cool water ones and I had a swing shaped as a pickle when growing up. Stay cool and enjoy the last of our summer days. It did feel like fall a couple times this week, my favorite season of all.

  5. I always remember my Grandmother saying that poem about weather. :) Your photos are wonderful, as usual. It's good to focus on the good things, but sooo hard to do when the weather is like pea soup! Most of July here in NY was like that. Now we have such lovely weather...at least for the time being!

  6. I completely understand - I'm definitely not a fan of heat and humidity. But I do enjoy the coolness of early morning photo walks and the golden sunlight. Isn't it funny how much we enjoyed this time as children? It was a magic time of no school and long days outside with our friends.

    You have done such a wonderful job of filling the prompts and capturing the essence of summer. I really love the first image - the cool water captured as it flings its droplets. Beautiful!

  7. Cathy, I think it would be great if you did a mandala. Your yard and the walks you take would be a great place to find some beautiful things to make one with. Let me know if you do, would love to see it. Oh and the veggies in your garden, do you garden, not sure. I just did a tiny quick one with a few that I just picked. My mom never let us go to camp so this was our first experience and I know next time it won't be quite so hard for me. Thanks and have a great last day of July!

  8. The first shot is just awesome...I love the way you caught the water in action.....
    The veggies look so good; nothing like fresh ones....

  9. Wonderful summer captures -- water, swings, tomatoes, corn -- the essence of summer! You have a good attitude about making the best of it and enjoying what you can.

  10. Love these! Great set of shots. Love the first water shot especially and your sunset shot. Gorgeous tomatoes and okra. Never know what to do with okra and never fried it, so perhaps I should give that a try!


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