Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I had one of those days yesterday that didn't start out like I planned, but ended so unexpectedly well! I went looking for butterflies, since I've seen very few in my yard and needed a picture of one for a scavenger hunt. I thought about a couple of places where summer flowers were plentiful. One was a Little Rock visitor's center where the gardens are kept by a Master Gardener. First off, I couldn't find it!  I had been there once before with my sister and thought I knew where it was. Not so!  I checked the city map...didn't find it. (I was totally looking in the wrong area!) I stopped at the post office, don't you think they would know where it was?  No, never heard of it!  One kind, YOUNG lady in line behind me suggested I used my GPS on my car or Google it on my phone.  I smiled and said, I didn't have GPS on my car and my phone doesn't even take pictures, let alone get on the internet.  She looked at me like I was from the dark ages!!  Another kind, OLDER lady did gave me directions and I finally found it.  It has always been beautiful, only this time the parking lot was full of workers. They were painting the fence and doing some upkeep. I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures around them, so I went with Plan B, the Old Mill in North Little Rock.

There were flowers, but I didn't see a butterfly anywhere.
Where are they this summer?
I did find dragonflies!
As I left the Old Mill and headed for the Interstate to come home, I pulled into an abandoned landscape nursery to capture this scene. Loved the white fence and the crepe myrtles. It's a shame it's in front of an abandoned building!

Still on my way to the Interstate I saw the road that led to a very beautiful church. I have been wanting to get a picture of their steeple for my steeple collection. Beautiful isn't it!
A very sweet lady came from inside the church. She had seen me through a window taking pictures and.......she asked if I would like to go inside and take some pictures.  Oh, yes!!  I certainly did!
It was filled with beautiful stained glass, like this dome in the foyer.

I was glad I had my point and shoot camera with me, too. I was able to get more of the dome with it. I really, really wanted to lie down on the floor and shoot straight up, but I didn't quite thing that would be appropriate.

Below you can see the rest of the four panels.

    Moses and the Ten Commandments                            Jesus and the lady at the well

   Daniel in the lion's den                                             The good Samaritan

We then stepped into the semi-dark auditorium where soft music played. I was pleased with my 50mm lens and how well it did in low light. Yes, this was lit with purple lights.

The image below was taken in the entryway to their school. It is actually a waterfall, but they don't keep it running unless its a special occasion.

Who knew what beauty was behind those walls.

Serendipity...that's what I call it! My mother thinks it's odd that I talk to strangers when I have a camera in my hands. She knows exactly how shy I am.  I don't know what it is, but I am more at ease and more confident when I'm carrying my camera.  I guess that's just another benefit of photography.  It has certainly gotten me into some very interesting places.
I'm still looking for butterflies!!


  1. That church (and your photos) are breathtaking!

  2. That was a great adventure and you got some real lovelies. That church is awesome, I would like to go to that church just to look at all that stain glass.

  3. isn't that so fun when things work out that way! love your beautiful shots. i have not yet mastered the art of feeling comfortable shoot out in public like this (well except for around my neighborhood. my neighbors are pretty much used to seeing me crawl around my yard for shots of flowers). so glad you enjoyed your day!

  4. What a day you had. Only thing wrong was I was not with you. I am so glad you got to go in the church. Love the stain glass and your camera did great. I love my point and shot also. Can you believe the colors in the dragon fly. I know what you mean about your camera and meeting strangers, it gives you a boldness that you never knew you had. Keep the photos coming.

  5. I love that white picket fence shot and the dragonfly! Isn't this a glorious time of the year - when it isn't too hot and humid!

  6. Wow. All of these photos are beautiful, and yes, I would definitely say you had a serendipitous day! The steeple, oh my. But the inside of the church - wow. You captured everything so beautifully. Yesterday I spent soooo much time trying to photography the flitting butterflies around my flowers. I had no luck getting a good shot. Like you though, I am seeing so many dragonflies this year. Not sure why. Thanks for sharing this Cathy.

  7. Don't you just love it when something like this happens and you are opened up to such an unexpected photographic opportunity? What a glorious day you had! With simply glorious results. Photography gives us so many gifts - overcoming shyness with strangers is just one of them :) What a wonderful steeple to add to your collection and that dome - WOW! Good luck on your butterfly hunt!

  8. Well, your detour turned into a wonderful photo pop, didn't it? Going with the flow does pay off! I love the dome shot and the steeple is very impressive.

  9. This is just the best post ever. I was laughing. I was in awe of your pictures of the church. LOVE!! The old mill looks like a great place to explore. I personally think you should have laid down on the floor. I agree about having a camera and talking with people, it just seems so natural. Wonderful job Cathy!

  10. What a marvelous chance encounter! Even with all our flowers, butterflies are scarce this year in our garden, except for a white one that flits and is impossible to shoot! Great day!

  11. Wow, what a gloriously serendipitous day you had, Cathy! Even though you didn't find what you set out for, it seems like you got much more. Think of all you'd have missed if you'd simply found butterflies at that first stop.

  12. You really built us up step by step with this post....I was so enjoying the dragonfly and thinking how beautiful until I scrolled down to see the church and oh my....The steeple is beautiful but the inside is magnificent.....What a special day you had.....

  13. Love all of these. That white fence is lovely and the stained glass dome is truly magical. I'm the same, so much braver when I have a camera in my hands - so much easier to start off the conversation when you have an immediate focus.


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