Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Cool Water

We're definitely into July; hot and humid! So humid my glasses fog over every time I step outside. We did receive a small amount of rain this afternoon. Much needed rain I might add, although it made it even more humid!

The rain made me think of how refreshing water is to my plants and lawn.

Which made me think about how hot my sister and I were when we visited Garven Gardens and how we kept splashing our hands in the waterfalls to cool off our faces.

Which made me think, I've never shown you those pictures.

When you're hot there's nothing like following a pathway that leads to a shadowed pool of cool water. This pool is at the top of the waterfall below.

I could sit all day and listen to the sound that is created as the water splashes down the rocks.

I liked the contrast here between the soft pink flowers on one side and the hard rocks on the other. Do you think the large rock on the right looks like it has a giant spider embossed on it? Kind of gives me the creeps!
This was the tallest waterfall. Sorry about the bright sun, but it was mid-day.  As I was walking down a rock stairway to get a better picture of the waterfall, I almost stepped on a snake which was slithering across the step below me. Gave me the shivers!! I have to keep reminding myself when I go to gardens that snakes like gardens, too; especially gardens that are natural like this one which is on a peninsula on Lake Hamilton.


I guess I was into seeing things in the rocks, but I thought this looked like a giant turtle hiding away in his shell. I say giant because it was a very large rock, probably 7 or 8 feet from end to end.

In the children's section of the park they made a cave out of huge rocks. They've made a little area that looks like a fire pit inside and left small openings between the rocks for light. It would be such a fun place to play in!  This delightful waterfall was cascading down one side of the cave opening. Delightful, yes, because my sister and I both stuck our hands in the water and splashed ourselves to cool off! 

Well, it may be hot outside, but I feel cooler just looking at all this cool water!
I hope it cooled you off too!!


  1. Ah...I feel more refreshed just looking at these!

  2. Lovely, these photos look cool & refreshing!

  3. What a day we had. Glad you posted some of the several hundred pictures that you took. I loved the formation in the rock. I had forgotten about the turtle formation.

  4. I love hostas they have such beautiful leaves and the drops makes it wonderful. What a gorgeous area Cathy, everything except the snake. Living the desert it is one thing that isn't pleasant about living in the desert. that rock really does look like a turtle that was the first thing I thought of before you said it was a rock.

  5. Your photos so remind me of when we went to Chimney Rock in North Carolina...we climbed quite a bit up, and as you say there was water at the top of a water fall, and that summer was so himid. We splashed away. Your photos from your trip are lovely, and yes cooling. :)

  6. Lovely refreshing water images for hot days! I like the colours and reflections in that second shot and the waterfall images. I can understand how you would love to visit such a place if you live in a hot and humid climate.

  7. I see the spider and the turtle as well :) Lovely cool water. The waterfall reminds me of a small, old, family run resort that Glen and I stayed at a few years ago. It was right on a canal with a waterfall. I loved hearing that at night and I never slept so good. When we got home I missed hearing that so much at might. The relaxing qualities of water.

  8. I thought that rock looked like a turtle even before you said it! We got a trace of rain last night, the first drops to fall in two and a half months. It made my heart leap to see it. Thank you for taking us back to that beautiful garden! I love the second shot - the beautiful pond at the top of the waterfall with the patch of sunlight illuminating the green foliage. I will imagine myself in that spot when I'm feeling dry.

  9. You completely captured a sense of coolness - I can feel that delightful splash of cooling water on my face and the way the breeze flows across the water. Everything is so lush and beautiful - the very essence of water. And yes, that "embossed spider" is very, very creepy!

  10. From the droplets on the leaf to the splashing waterfalls, you've told a cooling story with water, Cathy. I see that spider etching - how interesting! I like the lighting in that first photo - gives it a sense of stillness.

  11. So beautiful. So refreshing. I never tire of running water...


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