Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Antics of Mr. Jedediah Squirrel

I, Mr. Jedediah Squirrel, like seeds.
Don't get me wrong, I like nuts in the winter,
but, I love seeds in the summer.
I know exactly where to find the seeds I like...
under the bird feeder.
I have Gramma fooled,
she thinks the birds are happily eating all the black sunflower seeds,
but they're not! 
I AM!!
Aren't I sneaky??

There, I see the feeder.
I see the sunflower seeds that have fallen to the rocks below.
Here I go!!

I have to be still for a moment.
Gramma was outside just a little while ago with that annoying camera!
I don't see her.
Maybe she gave up!

She's turned on the sprinkler!
If she thinks that will run me off.
She's wrong!! 

Man, that water is cold!
I'm staying, I'm freezing, but I'm staying!
My tummy is really hungry for those seeds!!
They may get a little soggy, but I'm not leaving!

Better get out the umbrella.
Don't you wish you had a tail that you could use for an umbrella!!

Gramma is pretty tricky with her seeds.
Let me see if she's hid some between the rocks.

Do I have something on my mouth?
How embarrassing is that!!

There she is
on the porch and
she has that CAMERA!!
She sees me!!

 I'm outta here!!


  1. oh my gosh cathy. so cute. :) i have a confession to make. i kinda like squirrels. my neighbor calls them rats with good PR, but i think they are so funny. love watching their antics around the bird feeder. bet your little guys get a big kick out of your little tale. :)

  2. Such wonderful story telling with your photos. I don't mind the squirrels if they stay on the ground. It is when they climb onto my feeder that I get annoyed, but the crows that knock the seed out of the feeder are the worst.

  3. Such a cute story of Mr Jedediah squirrel! Though I felt so sorry for his little sad bedraggled look under the sprinkler! Great and expressive shots!

  4. Awww that is a cute series of Mr Jedediah. You should do a book for your grands of Mr. Jedediah.

  5. Squirrels ... you don't know whether to love them ... or not.

  6. Your grandkids will love the story. I love how you got shots in action. I can't believe he stayed in the rain. Barbara is right. Write a book for the grandkids at Christmas.

  7. Such amusing antics! And I love that you told this story from the squirrel's point of view.

  8. Ohmigosh, this is wonderful! My favorite photo is the one with the water dripping off his chin. That one made me laugh out loud - he looks so woebegone. We have ground squirrels here rather than your gray tree squirrels, but they love the fallen sunflower seeds just as much. That spot beneath the feeder is always a popular place.

  9. Brilliant! Loved reading this and you got some great shots.

  10. I love your story telling....He is quiet the character with his antics.....

    Have a nice weekend....


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