Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer Scavenger Hunt...

What do you think of when you think of summer?

Heat, heat, heat...did I say that too many times?  That's exactly what I think of when the word summer is mentioned!!  HEAT!! I'm sure I've mentioned before that summer is my least favorite time of the year. The only time I ever enjoyed summer was when my children were home and summer meant no school.  I always enjoyed the time we spent together during the summer; sibling arguments, boredom, and all!  Now, the only part I like about summer is when the grandkids get to come to our house or I get to go to theirs. It seems I don't think about heat when they're here!

Speaking of grandchildren, they were all here last week. We stayed pretty close to home. We played in the water and ate watermelon, home-made ice cream, and grilled burgers. We just simply had fun!

What do you think?  Do I need a larger pool?
Maybe not, they seem to be having lots of fun to me!!
The little one, stayed in the shade in his stroller,
cooing and talking to Gramps and Gramma.

That makes a perfect summer for me, but back to the question...what do you think of when you think of summer...
flip flops, swimsuits, cold drinks, sunshine, flowers?

One of the photography groups I belong to decided to have a Summer Scavenger Hunt. Usually we get one prompt a week, but this week we got seven. Seven prompts that scream summer!  It has been a really fun week. I haven't been able to travel anywhere (still have sore ribs, although I'd guess I'm at least 95% healed!!  Yea!!). Anyway I had fun being creative and finding the prompts right here at home.  I went out early, before the heat, and took pictures for the seven prompts: a kite, cold drink, flip flops, flag, berries, swimsuits, and bicycle.

a kite

When I was small, we didn't buy our kites. We made them!  We'd get a piece of newspaper, some sticks, string, and little pieces of fabric for the tail. They weren't great kites, the newspaper tore so easily, but they did fly, loop, and swirl as we ran across the yard.  Since I don't have a kite, I made a small one for this prompt. I'll tell you a's tied to a tree limb, I squatted down and shot up making it look like it's flying.

cold drink
This little vignette represents a little summer "me" time.  A good book and ice cold strawberry lemonade.

flip flops
I received a surprise in my mailbox from my daughter and her family; a 60th birthday flip flop. Can you imaging the surprise of opening the mailbox and seeing a flip flop in there? I wonder what the post lady thought.  It was probably the first flip flop she's ever delivered!!  It was addressed and stamped on the top and signed on the bottom!  What fun!!

A different perspective of our beautiful flag.

Delicious strawberries. I think we'll have strawberry shortcake for dessert.

It's mine, but I won't model it!

I thought this bike belonged to our son, but Mr. H says it didn't. His memory is better than mine.  We do still have our son's bike, but it's grey. It really made a better story when I thought it belonged to our son. You know...our son's bike...ridden by his nephews...and someday his sons.  Oh well, it's still special because it is ridden by our oldest grandson when he comes to visit.

So, once again, what do you think of when YOU think of summer?


  1. These are so great. Love that little pool with all your grandsons piled in! Don't get a bigger one, they won't have nearly so much fun! Fabulous kite and love how you made it 'fly' for the camera. I could really do with some of that strawberry lemonade, sounds delish. When I think of summer I think beach, Pimms (English summertime cocktail), picnics and long summer evenings. Enjoy your summer. (ps Adore those flip flops and how they were sent to you!)

  2. Summer is the busy season at our paying jobs and certainly the busy season at the farm, so WORK is what I associate with summer. But that's a very good thing, because it's a content and worthwhile work.
    Yes, the happy grandsons do look like they may need a new pool soon, one that you can fit in too with that pretty swim suit.

  3. Wonderful summer scavenger photos, Cathy. That lemonade looks so refreshing!. A flip flop delivered in the mail - wow, I can't imagine that happening here! For me, summer is swimming. A pool is nice, but the beach is the best!

  4. cathy you really knocked the scavenger hunt/prompt list out of the park! and it sounds like you have the perfect summer week with your little guys. wonderful memories for you to capture, but even more wonderful memories that i bet they will carry in hearts forever.

  5. Love the kite, ingenious idea. A bigger pool means more work to fill it, keep the small one. Summer means the beach and Friday night outdoor concerts in the park.

  6. You did a great job with you Scavenger Hunt. I like your sweet little kite. The Strawberry lemonade sounds yummy and of course the strawberries. I'm making a Strawberry Pie today!
    Summer here is, HOT, Swimming Lessons for Coleen, Trying to keep the lawn and flowers weeded and watered. Lots of Fresh Produce, Salmon Bake, Staying Inside with the A/C and lately "Naps!" (for me).

  7. How cute are your grands, so fun to have around. Love these for your challenge. Now I would love to have a Strawberry lemonade, sounds so good.

  8. I want to be able to take a picture of a strawberry, just like you did. So realistic. Always love your journalism. Your creativity comes out every time.

  9. You have certainly captured the essence of summertime in your set! Love your tiny little kite, flying in a bokeh sky. And your shot of the flag - simply beautiful, with the great detail of that single star. Glad you had such a great visit with the grandkids - everyone looked like they were having a wonderful time!


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