Friday, July 12, 2013


My photography has hit another snag!  Frustrating!  You see, I fell; fell hard and bruised some ribs. Let me tell you falling gets harder as you get older! First of all, there's more weight to hit and second, we don't seem to recover as fast. I don't want anyone to think I'm a whiner and want sympathy. I mention it only to tell you why I haven't been blogging much. No blogging! Now, back to photography, I couldn't hold my big camera...too much arm movement. I wasn't about to NOT take photos for two weeks so I switched to my point and shoot.  I really like the way it takes macro images. Since it's small I don't have to worry about camera shake and my bruised ribs!

I've said all that to say this, I've been concentrating on my macro photography. I started with searching for interesting subjects to make abstract photos. I love abstract photos. I'm intrigued by lines, textures, light, shadows and trying to figure out what they are.

If you'd like to read a really great article about abstract photography click here. It's written by Judy Salcedo, a good photography friend and fantastic photographer. Judy quotes the Oxford Dictionary to define abstract art: "relating to or denoting art that does not attempt to represent external reality, but rather seeks to achieve it's effect using shapes, colors, and textures." She is really, really good at this!

Here's a few of mine. For this first batch, they're pretty much SOOC, just some cropping, contrasting, and a little boost of color. Can you tell what they are?  Some are obvious some, are not! Try to guess before you peak at the answers!

(dried hosta leaf)

(tree root that is above ground and weathered)

 (handle of a pottery jug.  I love the little, green heart shape!)

 (an old turtle shell found in my yard)

(a nail in the tin on the barn)

(just a rock)

(water hose)

(soil curling from lack of water)

(metal lawn chair with layers of paint, another green heart shape)

How many did you guess?  I'll be back with more macro images.  My ribs are much better, but I've been enjoying getting to know my p&s camera again and taking macro images!

Have a happy day!


  1. Sorry to hear about your bruised ribs, Cathy. I hope you will soon be on the mend!
    I enjoyed your abstract photography! My favourites are the tree root and the soil curling back like a wave!

  2. Well I am a macro girl, and you did an amazing job. You even made a garden hose look good. I am not sure I would have guessed the nail in the tin, but I love it. Hope you are tip top again soon. I wondered where you had been :)

  3. I'm so sorry about your fall but so glad you didn't let it keep you down! You have always amazed me with the shots you've been able to take with your P&S. Well done. Now ... keep healing!

  4. Cathy, these are great! I'm so glad you were feeling well enough to get out and shoot these. That nail! Wow! And the garden hose! Again, love it. I think my favorite of all is the last one. Definitely looks like an abstract painting - and the additon of the green heart is wonderful! I had no idea what a few of these were, so your abstract eye is spot on! Thank you for the friendly shout out to my abstract post on Manfrotto. I appreciate it, and your kind words.

  5. I'm so sorry about your fall. I hope you feel better soon. I understand bruised ribs are very painful. I sprained an ankle 2 years back and that put me under restricted movement....I get. You have totally made the most of the situation. I see a new vibe in your work here. My fave is that lawn chair at the end, followed by the tree root and the nail. I think the nail is cool-it doesn't fill the frame.
    I too like abstracts and they're a great tool when inspiration needs a boost.
    Speedy recovery.

  6. These are amazing! I need to learn my husband's high end P&'ve inspired me!

  7. oh no cathy! so sorry to hear about your fall. hang in there! glad to see you are able to enjoy your photography a little. these shots are really cool. abstract isn't something i do alot so this is good motiviation to try. hope you heal up fast! xoxox

  8. Nice textures & shapes! Glad you were able to find some joy with your point & shoot hope you're feeling better soon.

  9. Cathy maybe the ribs were a blessing in disguise (though I don't wish you soreness). What fascinating shots. I only got the tree and hose right. I look forward to more.

  10. First off I am so sorry that you fell and got hurt. I dread the thought of falling and hurting myself now, it's not fun even when your young but you are right when you're older it really, really hurts!

    Your Macro shots are fantastic. I love how you used such ordinary things like a garden hose and nails to create some awesome macro shots. I really enjoyed this. I do think that P&S camera's tend to take better Macro shots, at least mine does.

  11. I didn't get a one but it is not a reflection of your shots. They are great. I can't decided which one I like best. I think the soil needing water is my favorite.

  12. so sorry about the fall Cathy, you really put the true meaning into "when a door closes another one opens". Good for you to find a way to take images, Your macros are wonderful. I love macros and you have done great.

  13. Sending you healing thoughts, Cathy.
    Your abstract images are amazing and inspiring! Makes me want to give this a try.

  14. oh my, i do hope your ribs get better soon---can't imagine how painful that must be! terrific images---really like that nail head and the hose pix!

  15. Cathy - sorry about the bruised ribs - hope you are healing as quickly as possible. It looks like this accident has provided an opportunity to explore your love of macros, so there is good that came from this. You know how much I like abstracts and giving the viewer something to really think about - you have certainly succeeded here. All of these really test our powers of observation - to see and notice the patterns and textures that are all around us, showing us what is "hidden" from us in the small details.

  16. Mend, mend, dear Cathy. You are doing such wonderful things in the macro. I thought one was an oyster shell. I need to train my eye for the macro things. Beautiful.


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