Wednesday, September 5, 2012

{in the picture} ~ August 2012

In The Picture

Although August was a very hot month, I did manage to get out and take my self portraits!!  Hope you can't see me sweating in them!!  Our suggested theme for August was "my life, right now."  What's happening at this point in my life? 

Right now my life centers around home and

spending time with my grandsons and family!

Right now I'm waiting on cooler weather so I can enjoy going on photo excursions.

Right now I'm staying indoors as much as possible. I've been strolling through flea markets, antique stores,

and quilt stores. Can you find me in the busy window? It was 104 degrees and I really wanted a coke out of that machine!!

Right now you might find me slipping off my shoes as I travel with Mr. H in our 1940 Ford Pickup which is red, not orange!! 

You might find me taking pictures out of the windows and

attending street rod shows. Check out those cars in the background!
As you can see, my life, right now finds me happy!


  1. You certainly seem to be in a happy place right now, Cathy! I love the bare toes and can see how you enjoy taking pictures of your grandchildren. Lovely summer memories to cherish during the winter months!

  2. What a fun review of your month, with you and your camera reflected in windows here and there. My fave is the narrow window with the shutter -- I like it's simplicity. Hope it cools down soon for you.

  3. This is fantastic Cathy! It is hard to feel motivated to get out and take pictures when it is so hot! Wow! 104! That is hot! I hope you get cooler temperatures soon! I love these shots and love how you put them together!


  4. Great photos, love the eflection shot with your grandsons

  5. I think you should have an extra star in your crown or some kind of traveling trophy for getting out in 104 degree weather! Great images!

  6. I liked seeing you reflected within all the various aspects of your life that are so important to you. What a good life you have!

  7. Love these shots, they reflect your happiness!

  8. love seeing you reflected in your summer photos. so happy. :)

  9. great reflected summer adventures! thanks for linking up at {in the picture}!!


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