Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August Clouds

To keep myself motivated this summer I decided on a photography project each month. Otherwise, I would have probably hibernated in the air conditioning and not used my camera!!
June's project:  Look Up, Look Down
July's project:  exploring with my camera lens
August's project:  take a cloud or sky picture each day.
I don't remember a summer with such beautiful clouds!
I wish I'd kept a count of the number of photos I took!
It would be astounding!! 
I had a hard time just picking one for each day!
Here they are a month of sky!! 

Happy day to you!!
Hope your skies are beautiful!!


  1. Beautiful cloud shots, Cathy! On the first lot, I like the second from the left on the last row. On the second lot, I love the crescent moon and the pink sky above it. What a fantastic choice you have. I love skies and clouds!

  2. I love these cloud images and the way you displayed them, Cathy! You do get some beautiful clouds there. So what's your project for September?

  3. I am glad you stayed busy this summer because we sure have enjoyed your days with your camera. I take cloud pictures all the time. Just like yours there are no two days alike.

  4. I LOVE LOVE these photos/collage of the beautiful sky and clouds. They look great like this!! So glad you did this and could share with us and keep you busy during the August heat. I too take lots of clouds/sky photos, they just make me happy and feel peacefull looking at them. Great job at capturing them all!!

    The heat was too much for me this summer either, fall is my favorite season and I can't wait for the cooler temps now.

    What will your Sept. project be???

  5. I love your collection of skies and your collage presentation makes the impact so much greater. So much variety and beauty and awesomeness. I greatly admire your summer challenges - I can see how they inspired and pushed you.

  6. glorious cloud photos! i love it. what a great idea!

  7. What an amazing collection, I love them! Love how you've collaged them together too. I think I might have to do one of these, they're beautiful. :)

  8. I love sky shots and these are beautiful! What a nice reminder of August!


  9. You've certainly captured some beautiful skies Cathy - what a great idea to select a project for each month. Your skies project is my favourite, what an inspiration you are :))

  10. Gorgeous images, Cathy! I'm very impressed with your themes you came up with for each month. It certainly worked well for you, and I'm glad you shared your images with us. You inspire me to come up with some themes on my own. Got to put my thinking cap on now....


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