Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Weekend Fun - Part 1

This post is pretty much to share some pictures with my family of this weekend.  So, if your not interested I understand, but I will say, there's some pretty quilts to see! 
On Saturday I when to a quilt show with my Mom and Dad.   There were over 200 quilts on exhibit. There were also vendors booths set up with such fun things to look at and buy.
I always find something I want to buy.  I found a booth and fell in love with all her quilts and patterns. She incorporated embroidery blocks into the quilt.  I've done one other quilt with embroidery, you can see the finished quilt here.  I bought two of her patterns. One has embroidered wild flowers and the other has a quilt hanging for each season.  You know how I love the seasons.  The pattern came with the cute little hanger to display them.  They are going to be fairly small.
I also had to buy another basket.  I have two already, but I really love them!  They are handwoven in Ghana, Africa using "Elephant Grass" that has been colored. The handles are covered with goat hide.  These baskets are woven by single women who need to support themselves and their families.  I would love to have one of each size and shape.  They are so beautiful!

A little family information for those of you who decided to read and aren't family. My Dad has Alzheimer's. He's at the stage where he doesn't want to be away from my Mom.  He loves to go places with us, but after about 15 minutes he's ready to go.  We had only gotten to the second vendors booth when he said, "have you seen enough yet"?  We just laughed and found him a place to sit down.  I think he had a great time.  Every time we saw him he had someone to talk to!! My Dad is on the left in the above photo. I'm sure the men he visited with got quite on ear full!!  He does love do tell his stories!!  The only complaint we got after that was that he was hungry.  Those with Alzheimer's are very schedule oriented.  You eat at the same time, watch the same show, and go to bed at the same time. We did pass his lunch time up a little, but he survived. I took him a small candy bar to tide him over.

The quilts were beautiful!  So many wonderful works of art!  And yes, I believe quilting is an art!!  I can't imagine how many hours were put into the quilt above.  All those little pieces were hand-appliqued!
Here's another with tons of applique.  Blue is my favorite color and this quilt had the most beautiful blue fabrics.

Ladybugs delight me!  I think this is the cutest small quilt with that lovely ladybug!

This  one was a favorite of my Mom and me.  Gorgeous hummingbirds in every block!  Wonderful colors of fabrics and exquisite applique!!  You could spend hours looking at all the tiny details! 

I just realized as I'm scrolling through these, that all the pictures I took are of appliqued quilts.  They were so impressive! I love the oriental feel of this one.

 Here's a closer view of the quilt blocks.

I love the fabrics in the sunflower quilt! 

The blocks in this appliqued quilt were striking against the black background!

This was my favorite block in the quilt!  I really like hearts!

We're finally through looking and Mom has gone to get Dad so we could go get him some lunch!!  By the way, I got to drive their new car!! It has the handicap license plates on it and she couldn't find her temporary tag.  It drives so nice!! 


  1. These are some beautiful quilts! I think the sunflower quilt is my favorite! Love those colors! You have Pepaw figured out, great thinking in bringing him a snack! I love the last picture. You can tell Memaw is telling him it's time to go and he's hopping out of that chair!

  2. Gorgeous quilts, bless your heart for taking your folks like that, I am sure your mother appreciates the small breaks she gets at times like this.


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