Monday, July 18, 2011

Exploring With a Camera - Window Reflections

I'm linking to Kat's Eye View  Exploring With A Camera.  I love these explorations, they're more than just prompts to encourage our photo taking, they're opening our eyes to new and different views of the world around us. Kat explains it much better than I can, you might want to visit her site.  She has a great web site with gorgeous photos and photography information.  By the way, she has a great sounding class coming up about finding yourself in your photography Find Your Eye E-Course.  I'm going to take it and can't wait for it to start! The current  exploration is window reflections. Reflections are just something else our eyes tend to pass right over, unless we're looking for them, then you see them everywhere. I played tourist this weekend, when downtown and walked around taking pictures. I took so many window reflections that I had a hard time choosing a few to show you.  But, I finally settled on five.  Hope you will indulge me that many!!

This photo was taken in North Little Rock Argenta district that has been newly restored. The building was built in 1928. Love the trolley in this one. The trolley takes you across the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock.

I decided to take the trolley ride and caught our reflection in a store window. I'm the first person to the left of the white window frame, you can barely see my head and arm.

This was taken on the grounds of the Clinton Presidential Library. The reflection in the window is an old train depot built in 1899, it is now the  Clinton School of Public Service.  The depot is a beautiful building with lots or architectural detail.

The next two I might have cheated a little on. The glass in this building is reflective where you can see out but not see in. This makes these reflection so much more clear.

This one fascinates me.  This long glass area is an elevator shaft. I am looking at the point of the square. Does that make sense??  Makes for an interesting reflection, trying to figure out what is real and what is reflection.

I've been thinking about my style of photography. It makes sense that my photos reflect who I am and what I like, but I never really thought about how much you can learn from a person by looking at their photos!  Of all the reflections shots I took, I decided on those that reflected what I enjoy most, I love exploring, old buildings, and nature!!  Thanks Kat for opening my eyes a little further!!


  1. Wow, these are great photos! I love the first one with the trolly reflection in the door. You must have waited a while to get that one! I also love the photo from the Clinton library. The contrast between the new modern building and the old train station is striking. It's almost like the train station is just a memory of what once was there.

  2. All of these are so much fun. Love the reflections, but I really love the tile entry in the first one. Great job.

  3. So many great images, and I love how you are seeing yourself in them. You are so ready for Find Your Eye! I'm happy to have you linking in to Exploring with a Camera. I hope you'll put some of these images in the Flickr pool! I really love the last one of the elevator shaft, it really is an optical illusion and made me look closely.

  4. Cathy, good to see you in Kat's class. Your photo's are improving tremendously.


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