Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Picture Color - Days 23 - 26

 I was going to try and finish my Picture Color images today, but after realizing I took more than one shot on several days, I decided that the post would be too long. I'll finish tomorrow so I can begin to show you images from Picture Summer!

Day 23 - The Meaning Of Color
We had to come up with an image where the color choice meant something. Sometimes the color name itself means something and sometimes when paired up with an object the images mean something. I didn't explain that too well, but you'll understand when you see the images I posted.
"blue plate special!"
I don't think there are many restaurants that still offer "blue plate specials", that was what the special of the day was called!  I don't eat out a lot, so there may still be "blue plate specials!!" 

We all know that red means "stop."  This is a very close-up shot of the breaklight on my car!

Day 24 - A Library of Color
Books offer many things...on the inside or on the outside. We can be touched by books, either by the stories or the colors on the front cover or in the illustrations. We were looking for volumes of color therapy. I chose to photograph a few of my collection of children's books. I tell everyone I buy books for my grandchildren.  While this IS true, I buy books for myself. I love, love, love children's books. I love the illustrations and the stories. I enjoyed the gallery this day.  Seeing every ones images of books  was wonderful
My favorite author and illustrator is Jan Brett.  Her illustrations are such gorgeous works of art. Her images made me happy with all the bright colors. They tend to have a Scandinavian feel to them.  I have most of her books, but "The Three Bears" is among my favorites.  It's a timeless story that she illustrated so beautifully! I love the bear's bowls!!

 These are the books I could find among my collection that had the word "color" in the title or that were about color!  I was amazing at how many I had!!  My favorite is at the top, "Richard Scarry's Color Book, Mr. Paint Pig."  I've read this book hundreds of times, first to my children and to my grandchildren!! My image today brought back such wonderful memories.

We really try to limit our photos that we post to three a day, which is good thing because I could have gone on forever posting images of books.  Another favorite illustrator is the talented Robert Sabuda that does the most wonderful pop-up books.  This one is a counting book about yummy cookies and little mice! I always have a sense of amazement when I open his books.
Day 25 - Heavy Metal
 We were capturing metallic surfaces that were shiny, or brushed, polished or patina. Looking for reflections, sparkles, metal bling, texture or dull tone.
 My sister and I were out on a photo shoot this day and we decided to stop by the local library to use their wifi for working on her blog and uploading our pictures to our computers.  As we entered the main room there stood this unusual metal sculpture.  How perfect was that for this prompt!  There was no plaque, so I don't know who did it or it's name.  We thought it looked like the "world of knowledge."  The world seems to be exploding with all the knowledge available in the books behind it.

There were a couple of girls that posted pictures of old trucks.  When I showed them to my husband, he thought I should post one of his. So I posted this one also, our 1940 Ford pickup. He liked the way I featured the Cragar wheels. When he was a teenager in the 1970's  you just had to have Cragar wheels and now in his late 50's he still does!!
Day 26 - Watching For Whimsy
Our color prompt today was the concept of whimsy! Whimsy meaning "excessively playful expression."  Some synonyms for whimsy include fanciful, quaintness, and eccentricity.
Here I go with another one of my collection!  I promise I don't collect everything, but I do have a small collection of bee related things. My daughter and her family gave me this bee!  He is just the cutest thing and he makes me smile when I seen him!!

Stick with me and we'll finish Picture Color tomorrow!!

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  1. Your blue plate special looks really yummy! Gotta love the chocolate! So glad that "Mr. Paint Pig" made the color book photo! I have great memories of that book too!


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