Saturday, July 2, 2011

Picture Color - Days 13 - 22

I am bound and determined to blog about all my Picture Color images. So I'm adding another batch.

Day 13 - ordinary colors
We were to take a picture of ordinary color. A color that we see each day in an object we take for granted. One thing I've learned in this class is that I don't live with enough color!  I had to look long and hard for an idea of ordinary color. But, I finally saw my bath puff hanging from the faucet and it was such a pretty color.

Day 14 - making a statement
We were to look for colors that our eyes are drawn to and capture it in a way that says something about us.  My eyes are always drawn to vintage fabrics and colors and I'm a real nostalgic person.

Day 15 - playful pause
I thought this would be a fun day.  We were to be a child again and go something "childish" color to photography. I decided on marbles. I love marbles. But, as I remember it, playing marbles used to be fun.  But, now that I'm older it's not so fun...laying on a beach towel trying to get the camera on ground level...sweating because it was so hot...sand  sticking to my arms and legs.  Nope this was not fun anymore!

Day 16 - Nothing But Blue Skies
We were seeking out blue.  And we were to capture how it makes us feel. Blues can stimulate our senses or soothe us.
Anything blue makes me feel happy. After all, it's my favorite color!!

Day 17 - the color of light
The object of this prompt was to discover the variety of color that can be captured when shooting into direct sunlight. I tried and tried!! I've gotten flares before, but no real extra color.  I finally posted this shot.  How weird is that spot of blue.  Some one in Picture Color thought it looked like a champagne glass.  I think it looks like something spewing out of a bottle.
Day 18 - what's your shade
We got to share a little color from our "beauty regime". I'm not much of a make-up person especially in the hot summer, but I do like this shade of blush.

Day 19 - the color calm
We were searching for the color of calm. Sometimes our homes are in a chaos, but most of us have a place or room where we can go for calm. My calm space is in my extra bedroom that I call the "nostalgia" room. This is just a small corner of the room. I found this table at a flew market and redid it.  Since it has a "birdhouse" look I found this cute bird and nest to sit on top of it.

Day 20 - corrugated color
We were looking for solid colors that were interesting because of texture.  This is one my vintage hats from my "nostalgia" room. Another flea market find. It had a great texture.
Of course this feather has a lot of texture, it even looks corrugated!
Day 21 - ambient yellow
This was an unusal prompt. We were to shoot in low light and only with the surrounding light within the area.  This is called ambient light. It will usually give a golden, yellow color cast. I set this little collection up in my bedroom and only used the bedside lamp. The book belonged to my Mother and the glasses are my Grandmothers.  The flowers are just some wild flowers I found in the nearby woods.

Day 22 - inspired by color
Today's prompt was to  take a photo that was inspired by another photographer. On the day we were to shoot blue, BarbaraC, in our class. gave us a link to  blue hour photography. The hour in the morning and evening when the sky is the bluest. Then, KatyL tried it and posted her picture.  So, I was inspired by Barbara and Katy to capture the blue hour.  It was pretty amazing. I took this picture at 9:00 p.m.

Just one more post and I should be finished with Picture Color.  And I need to hurry because we're already into Picture Summer!!

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  1. What a creative way to display your apron! So pretty! I would have loved to see you "playing" marbles when it's 100 degrees outside!! My favorite are the blue vases! Very tranquil!


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