Friday, July 8, 2011

Splish, splash I was takin' a bath!!

Here's a few more shots I took with my new camera and zoom lens. The ones of the moon I got brave and manually focused.  These of birds playing in my birdbath I took a few days before and they were auto-focus.  The camera kept focusing on the rim of the birdbath and not the birds.  That is one reason I tried the manual on the moon.  I wanted to control the focus. I definitely need more practice to catch a moving bird, but I'll keep trying.
Oh my, the water sure looks cold!!

I finally get in and someone else is bathing!! I won't look!

Finally, she's leaving and I can just relax in the water!

I'll be all clean in a jiffy!!

I wonder if they have blow dryers in this place!!


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